Bring Your Favorite Festival Home This Year!

This year is obviously a rough one for festivals. Fields that should be overrun by sweaty, tie-dye-wearing music lovers now lie empty– mud that was supposed to get stuck under our fingernails and matted into our hair waits patiently under a layer of grass. Next year guys, next year.

Just because this festival season has been put on pause, doesn’t mean we have to sit here moping!

Why can’t we bring a little taste of our favorite places home with us? That’s exactly what we’re doing! Across the country, festival attendees are flocking to their concert friends to celebrate what would have been. This weekend became a makeshift Bonnaroo for my own festival family, as we all gathered in a friend’s front yard to celebrate her birthday over two steaming hot days of beer games and blasting music.

It started the same way it always does… with a road trip!

And got just as weird as the real thing…

We didn’t have live music or bright flashing lights, but we were able to step inside for a burst of air conditioning (that’s something I could get used to on the farm). Basically, we did our best. We all came together to celebrate a Bonnaroo birthday, and it radiated the same positivity that roo itself expects. We certainly gave each other our share of high-fives, so now I’d like to offer a virtual one to the fellow Bonnaroovians who also transformed their homes into the farm.


An Instagram account dedicated to all things Bonnaroo has been promoting this hashtag in an effort to keep roo alive, and well, this festival-less June. Across the country, fans are gathering to bring a little slice of roo to their own backyards.

Check out this awesome homemade arch! Seriously BonnarooBabe, you win.

Bonnaroo 2020 has been postponed to 2021, but the roovians are not resting! We are stepping up to make this year’s festival one that extends across each and every state– the ones we usually have to drive through to reach the farm. Blast this playlist, throw on your Bonnaroo bandana, and turn this disconnected festival season into one to be remembered (for good reasons, not sad ones).

Of course, if you’re now feeling inspired to bring a festival home with you, be safe and aware of the current health crisis. It’s not over just because we want to transport ourselves to sacred festival grounds. Be considerate of others and have a mask handy!

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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