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Billie Eilish “When I Was Older” (Music Inspired by the Movie, Roma)

by stephescobar8
At just 16 years old, she debuted with her single “Ocean Eyes” in 2018 and it went viral with about 132 million streams on Spotify. Billie Eilish is an American singer-songwriter. Known for her edgy style that is definitely juxtaposed with her smooth vocals. When I first discovered Billie, I was going through artist coming […]

Metallica Uses Spotify User Data to Make Setlists

by David Gagnon
The future is here. Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, recently revealed that Metallica, among other bands, use Spotify data to make the setlists for their shows so local fans can enjoy it. So, if fans in Seattle enjoy listening to “Escape,” then that will likely influence the band’s decision to play it at their Seattle show. […]

Spotify’s “Hateful Conduct” Policy Cancelled.

by Ben LaScola
On April 3rd, the music streaming service Spotify went public, and enjoyed a Wall Street debut at a higher level than projected by the experts. The Washington Post reports that at the end of their first day, Spotify’s closing price was 13% higher than expected. Among other changes, becoming a publicly traded entity means that […]

Media Streaming Tops Sales in 2016

by David Gagnon
Recently, Billboard reported that revenue coming in last year from streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Pandora had revenue of $3.93 billion, an increase of 68.5% from 2015. The figure tops the total number of downloads, CDs, and vinyl sales combined, which brought in a total of $3.51 million. One of the most […]

Metalheads are Spotify’s Biggest Listeners

by David Gagnon
A recently published data analysis by Spotify has revealed which genres have the most loyal fans, with metal coming out on top by a wide margin with pop and folk coming in second and third respectively. According to the survey, Spotify identified each genre’s “core” artists, compiling information on how many listeners there are to […]