Evanescence Delivers “The Bitter Truth”

The entire album making process was documented and named Evanescence: Embracing The Bitter Truth. It can be found at The Coda Collection.

The Bitter Truth Cover

It’s almost been two decades since Evanescence released Fallen, and the angsty staples, “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal.” But now, Amy Lee is back, and she’s got a lot to get off her chest. The pandemic, motherhood, a recent political stance, along with the personal grief of losing a loved one has only fueled Lee to come back with vengeance.

The album is very much reminiscent of their older work, but with a fresher feel. It is still very much guitar driven rock assisted and elevated by Amy Lee’s dynamic voice. Lee’s range and ability to connect with her fans is what continues to make Evanescence a beloved band.

There is quite a range within the album. “Wasted On You” is a quiet a ballad that has sections that are true to their rockier image much like their previous single Lithium. A complete 180, and the sore thumb of the album, is “Yeah Right,” a poppier-rock anthem. “Use My Voice” has an impactful chorus and a strong political stance on using your voice as a woman to make a difference in the world.

Overall, the album is about walking that fine line of dark reality and hoping for the best outcome. Its about realizing the bitter truth and navigating around it. If you’re wondering, yes, Evanescence has still got it.

The Inspiration:

Amy Lee. Credit: Nick Fancher

“This whole thing has been very much about facing your fears and facing the things inside myself that aren’t easy to admit. On a personal level, the biggest bitter truth is that life is short; we’re not going to live forever. And in these moments, when we do have a moment where there’s love and peace and good things — live in it and enjoy it, and embrace it, because it’s not going to last forever. That can be a challenge when you’re grieving, to not let it suck the joy out of the moment you could be living right now.”

Amy Lee

Favorites From The Album

“Broken Pieces Shine,” “Wasted on You,” “Better Without You,” “Take Cover,” and “Part Of Me.”

Stream The Bitter Truth here:


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