Evaluate Your Music Taste With the Color Palette

So what is this Color Palette?

It’s a newer tool to share your music taste by analyzing the type of music you listen to on a daily basis. It then categorizes it by energy, positivity, and danceability, and then with that information, it gives you five shades of the same base color.

For example, I’ve recently gotten into light jogging at the park so my taste has been more upbeat dance music therefore I received orange which stands for the color of movement. Pretty spot on!

Your have more danceable songs—giving you an orange palette.

Orange is the color of movement.

Average Danceability: 72%
Average Energy: 65%
Average Valence (positivity): 50%

From spotifypalette

Spotify Palette is simple to use. You just need to log in here and then it will analyze your music taste and give you your own palette to share! Just a quick disclaimer, the color palette tool isn’t directly associated with Spotify so you will need to allow access to the color palette by signing into your Spotify account. It was created by software developer Israel Medina. You can read more about Medina’s work here.


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