Out With The Old, In With New Tunes

     September has begun, bringing us closer to fall fashion, the holiday season, and the inevitable onslaught of pumpkin-everything.

     If that doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, fret not, for dozens of great artists from across the musical spectrum are unveiling exciting new albums and projects. In the next two months, we’ll be hearing new sounds by Dillon Francis, Alt-J, Prince, Metric, Hippo Campus, and Paul McCartney. With so much music coming out, it can be difficult to separate the gems from the rubble. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and made a guide that will help steer you in the right direction this fall. 


Read on for our breakdown of the 10 albums we’re most excited for.


     1.     Paul McCartney – Egypt Station – September 7th


Image result for Paul McCartney Egypt Station
Album Art: Egypt Station

     Back in June, the 76-year-old legend released two songs from his upcoming album Egypt Station. “I Don’t Know” is a somber piano-driven ballad. “Come On To Me” is its opposite; a swaggering anthem made of fun guitars and drums with a bad attitude. Now, a third feel-good pop song called “Fuh You” joins the collection of singles.

     It’s been five years since McCartney released his latest album New, a welcome return to his happy style that Rolling Stone called “energized and full of joyous rock & roll invention.” After getting a series of albums with a singer-songwriter influence, Wings, Beatles, and McCartney fans alike can rejoice as they arrive at Egypt Station on September 7th.




     2.     Dillon Francis – Wut Wut – September 28th


     Dillon Francis has been working hard to bring fans content they’ll love. In the past months he has confirmed a new Comedy Central show called Living The Dream. According to Dancing Astronaut, Francis will be writing, acting, producing, and introducing new music through the show. He’s been involved in various genre-bending projects like remixing Cardi B’s hit, “I Like It” and making Moombahton Mix, a collection of short, Latin dance singles inspired by the Moombah genre. (It’s house, reggaeton-hybrid)

     Most recently, Francis and his team have released a vintage Miami-themed video for the album’s next single, “Never Let You Go.” Vocals from De La Ghetto are featured on the Latin-pop song. Holding nothing back, Francis has also released Wut Wut (Sampler), an EP offering his previously released singles. Brace yourself, because Dillon Francis is about to make a huge splash in the trendy waters of reggaeton-infused EDM with this album.



     3.     Hippo Campus – Bambi – September 28th


Image result for hippo campus new
Hippo Campus

     I’m kissing, journalistic objectivity goodbye on this one. After seeing them at Chicago’s Lollapalooza in 2017, Hippo Campus shot up to the top of my list of favorite artists. The album’s two singles, “Passenger” and “Bambi” put their talent and range on display. “Passenger” is more mellow and contemplative, rich with vocalist Jake Luppen’s descriptive lyrics. “Bambi” is an upbeat, colorful track that’s as fun as it is relevant.  

     The album will be released digitally on the 28th, physically on November 23rd. The Bambi tour kicks off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 5th.



     4.     Alt-J – REDUXER – September 28th


Image result for alt-j new

     Alt- J is back with a collection of re-imagined songs from their award-winning 2017 album, RELAXER. The band’s entrancing style has made them leaders in the indie music scene. While some may poke fun at the band’s sound, there’s no denying that their songs have unique power and personality. Producing an album of reworks may not be as exciting as a brand new project, but it can help a band stay fresh. Instead of resting on their laurels, Alt-J keeps mixing things up, injecting new life into old tracks with the help of Pusha T, Twin Shadow, and other artists.




     5.     Twenty One Pilots – TrenchOctober 5th


     Few bands have followers as dedicated, (and fiercely loyal) as Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn of Twenty One Pilots. Their fans, known affectionately as the “clique,” never miss a chance to talk about which “TØP” era is their favorite. They are one of the few bands today that releases thematic, conceptual albums, changing their entire style, color scheme, and presentation to represent each one.

   Trench will be the duo’s fifth studio album and will explore themes of belonging and loneliness, anxiety and angst familiar to the band. Singles “Jumpsuit,” “Nico and The Niners,” “Levitate,” and My Blood have been steadily keeping hungry fans satisfied. “Jumpsuit” is arguably the most radio-friendly of the three, leading the band’s charge back into the alt-mainstream after nearly three silent years in the shadows.



     6.     Tokyo Police Club – TPC – October 5th


Image result for tokyo police club
Tokyo Police Club


     Tokyo Police Club describe their fourth full length studio album as a “rock record with tons of guitars.” If you visit their website, they’ll tell you about the church they wrote the album in, and how much fun they had putting the record together with their friends. The songs are as simple as the layout of the band’s website. A guitar, some drums, vocals and a bass line build an unbreakable backbone. Their tour kicks off on October 16th in New York City at Baby’s All Right.



 7.     Tom Morello – The Atlas UndergroundOctober 12th


Image result for tom morello new
Tom Morello

     If you’re looking for a new song to blast during your next workout, look no further. “Rabbit’s Revenge,” Morello’s latest single, featuring Bassnectar, Big Boi, and Killer Mike, is a motivational electro punk hit. “I see what’s happening, I can read between the lines,” the song says. As usual, Morello and co. cut through the B.S and get right to some uncomfortable truths about racism in America on this song. If the rest of the album follows suit, it’ll surely punch it’s way to the top of punk rock charts. Morello’s tour will take him through the U.S starting October 1st in New York City.


8.     MØ – Forever Neverland – October 19th


     It’s been years of singles and collaborations with artists like Charlie XCX, Major Lazer and Noah Cyrus. Now Karen Marie Ørsted’s sophomore album is almost here. Forever Neverland comes after her first full-length project No Mythologies to Follow. Pitchfork said, “MØ’s first album was an eclectic mix of genres, more mature than her previous songs that centered more around ‘shock rap.'” For example, from her record A Piece of Music to Fuck To: “We always smoke crack in the back of my backyard // Though my mama tells me it will make me a retard.” Cringeworthy roots aside, No Mythologies earned MØ some attention, and the privilege to work with other influential artists as she crafted the sound of her next project.

     As the name suggests, No Mythologies To Follow could symbolize MØ’s refusal to follow in anyone’s footsteps. Soon we’ll hear the project, and see where MØ has landed after four years honing her identity searching for her own voice among all the chatter.



     9.     Peter Bjorn and John – Darker DaysOctober 19th


Related image
Peter, Bjorn and John

     If their name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s okay. Remember that catchy song you heard with the groovy drum intro and whistling? That duet you had stuck in your head for a week? It’s called “Young Folks,” by Peter Bjorn and John. Swedish indie pop band PB&J (no one actually calls them that) formed in 1999. That 2006 single made them something of a one-hit-wonder. It was featured in the football video games FIFA 08, and MLB 2k13, episode one of Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and British TV ads.

     The trio is still making music, set to make a splash with their next album. Their tour starts in Flex, Vienna on October 18th and brings them to the U.S in November.



     10.     Various Artists- Rick and Morty Original Soundtrack – September 28th


     Bonus Round! Even space-traveling duo Rick and Morty found time this year to put out a new album. The original soundtrack will include composer Ryan Elder’s original score, and will be released via the Sub Pop label. Consequence of Sound reports that the album “will be available in multiple formats, with CD, vinyl, and streaming copies available on September 28th and a deluxe vinyl edition that will drop on November 23rd.”

     The deluxe edition will delight casual fans of the show and collectors alike with it’s fancy, LED-adorned packaging. The collection will include songs by Blonde Redhead, Mazzy Star, Belly, and Chaos Chaos, including two brand new songs inspired by the show from singer-songwriter Chad VanGaalen and hip-hop outfit Clipping. If the album is anything like the show, it’ll be a weird, existential, analytical triumph.

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