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In the spirit of an entertaining, and an occasionally controversial podcast segment by MMA journalist Luke Thomas; I am sharing my EDM Hot takes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of hot takes, I suggest you check out the master of hot takes: here.

Be forewarned, hot takes are inherently aggravating; as they prey on commonly held beliefs and values. Don’t take this too seriously, it’s all in good fun. If you find yourself easily offended, maybe skip this one.

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Side note: Not all of these hot takes have to do with particularly recent events or developments.

DJ Mag Top 100 is a joke

Okay, is this really even a hot take? Do people actually give any credence to this laughable ranking system?

People who sit on shoulders are bothersome.

Yeah, your sweaty ass near my face on this hot summer day; that is EXACTLY what I need. To have my view blocked by your cheeks is totally what I paid all this money for. Said no one ever…well, except for that creepy guy…

There is little to no value in Stage Production.

I don’t care about your performers, fireworks, or giant owl animatronics. I came here to see with my ears, not my eyes. I came to listen with my soul and the music is the only thing you need for that magic to happen.

A revitalization of dance music culture is in order.

Despite the fact that EDM has managed to seep into the view of the masses, not all growth has been positive. I love dressing up in my rave attire and taking a good selfie as much as the next guy. Sadly, though, there is an increasing feeling that raving is about keeping up an image, rather than creating a feeling. I am happy that people are seeing all the fun we have and want to take part, but the increasing bastardization of the PLUR concept has left a salty taste in my mouth. Can we make this about the music again? Can we worry about something other than the image we are choosing to share on social media?

It makes no sense that Progressive House is still being produced.

That shit died way before Dubstep ever did.

Marshmello was better as DOTCOM.

I said he was better. I didn’t say he was good.


Do you have an EDM hot take that you’ve had stewing in your soul? Let us know in the comments! It’s not a bad thing that we all have different tastes and opinions. It is one of the wonders of life.

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