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Savoy Performs to Intimate Crowd at Local Chicago Venue – Review & Photos

by Erin Riedlon March 22, 2017
On Saturday, Feb. 25, electronic rock trio, Savoy, tweeted, “Going to be legendary tonight Chicago. Completely sold out, we’re bringing out all the stops”. This tweet promised a legendary performance and Savoy did not disappoint. React Presents and Silver Wrapper hosted Savoy at the First Ward Chop Shop in Chicago, on the tenth stop of their “Tomorrow […]

Album Review: Hello Clouds Remixes

by Ashley Eyeson March 1, 2017
Some music snobs loathe remixes, but many electronic fans revel in the chance to hear a different take on a song that they love. Remixing a song, for true artists, is not about being on-trend; it’s about taking a song you admire and letting your imagination take it somewhere it hasn’t already been. For those […]

Metallica’s Hardwired…To Self-Destruct – Review

by David Gagnonon November 22, 2016
It’s been a long eight years since Metallica put out Death Magnetic.  With positive responses to the singles that had been released before the album itself, expectations were fairly high for Hardwired…To Self Destruct. Not to mention Metallica has a tendency to work at their own pace, shown by how they promised an eventual album release […]

Skin – Flume: ALBUM REVIEW

by Karol Luczkiewiczon June 19, 2016
It’s been four long years we’ve been awaiting the commercial follow-up to Flume’s self-titled debut album, and he spent them polishing the notes to perfectly wonky peaks and lows that are sure to make your “Skin” crawl. Right up until Skin’s release on May 27th, the year was riddled with teases as to what was […]

Shaky Beats 2016: Review

by ryanjblairon June 16, 2016
Festival:  Shaky Beats Date: May 20-22 Location: Atlanta, Geogia Type: EDM & Hip-Hop Price: $80 -$185 Overview The first Shaky Beats festival just wrapped up last weekend and I think it’s safe to say that we should be expecting a Shaky Beast 2017 next year. The perfectly executed 3-day festival capitalized on the already existing […]

Behemoth and Myrkur Performance Review

by David Gagnonon May 8, 2016
To experience a Behemoth live show, is not to experience a normal live show. It’s to experience a dark ritual, conjuring malevolent images in the mind. Behemoth has always kicked ass, and at the rate they’re going with the success of their most recent album, “The Satanist”, it raises the question of how the band […]