GRiZ Presents: The Imaginarium, 2019 Photos & Review

Lasers. Sax. Griz.

If GRiZ was ever right about anything, (which he always is), then he definitely did not lie when he said, “Imaginarium is hard to explain, you need to experience it for yourself.” Because oh boy, that set did not disappoint.

If only Navy Pier allowed shows to go until midnight because I could have used a 3 hour GRiZ set.

We were towards the left side near the sound booth and I didn’t think much of it. Until the whole place goes black and everyone starts cheering, screaming, and jumping all around.

© Ethan James Photography

All of a sudden, about 15 feet from me, colorful lights shoot up in a square design, all the way up to the ceiling. Music starts to play and GRiZ appears in the box of lights with that sexy saxophone, laying us down with some body chilling tunes.

He jumps out of the box and a few seconds later comes out on stage and starts throwing down all his sick, wubby, body rocking, funky hits.The Imaginarium was one pretty cool set up. So many vibrant colors filled the stage, while lights and lasers swept over the crowd all night long. (Well 10pm but it felt longer…) Needless to say, I freed my mind.

Everyone around us was so excited, loving and dancing the whole set. I think the whole crowd lost their minds when he slid into “GRIZTRONICS” out of nowhere.

Aside from festival sets and free concerts for the people, we waited so long, 3 years to be exact, for another crazy night of just GRiZ at Navy Pier. One the things I love about GRiZ sets the most, are the unreleased tracks he plays. He has ProbCause and several other artists come out on stage to sing live, and he has a drum line AND choir come out blessing us all with some of the best live music performances to date.

All I can say is, I’m desperately waiting for another show announcement somewhere nearby because I need some more sax in my life.

Thank you to Ethan James Rivera Photography for capturing these amazing shots from the night!
All photos copyright Red Roll & Ethan James Photography.

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