Art Inspired by Quarantine: A Break From the Seriousness

On May 3. Charli XCX encouraged her fans to edit her most recent video for “claws.

The tweet posted shows Charli in front of a green screen, dancing and singing to her newest single “claws.” In the thread of the original tweet are some quick replies which have edited Charli in front of the gay flag, various random TikTok videos, and dancing along with K-pop group, LOONA.

People seem to really be enjoying this opportunity to interact with Charli. This is just the latest chapter of Charli’s interactive album, how i’m feeling now, which is set to drop on May 15. This album was completely made at home at the start of the quarantine. Charli has gone out of her way to get the fans involved so, it should be interesting to see how this DIY album comes together and to see how much COVID-19 influenced it.

“For me, staying positive goes hand-in-hand with being creative, and so that’s why I’ve decided that I’m going to use this isolation time to make a brand new album from scratch,” she said. “The nature of this album is gonna be very indicative of the times, just because I’m only gonna be able to use the tools that I have at my fingertips to create all music, all artwork, all videos, everything. In that sense, it’ll be very DIY.”

Charli XCX (Credit to Rolling Stone )

Quarantine Queen

Just like Charli XCX, YouTube star Todrick Hall has fully embraced the current day situation and made an entire EP about it. Popular single, “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” was parodied in the “Quarantine Queen” EP and re-titled “Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs.”

Hall isn’t subtle in the album. He addresses the dilemma full speed, going into detail about the struggles of staying in shape, paying rent, cancellations of important events (graduation, vacations, prom, etc.) and encouraging everyone to abide by the stay at home order. The album is playful, undeniably relatable and full of pop culture references.

Stream “Quarantine Queen” here:


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