Singles To Check Out – April Update

by Darlene
As another month concludes, a rush of early summer smashes are being bestowed upon us. Check out the latest releases from the following three artists: Fickle Friends Genre: Pop “Not in the Mood” is a pulsating pop song about self-assurance and the realization of self-worth. Not everything may work out as initially planned, but it […]

Raveena’s New Single “Tweety” Is Hopelessly Romantic

by Maddy Ipema
If we can count on any artist to keep romance alive, it is without a doubt Raveena. Her new single, “Tweety” dropped just a few weeks before Valentine’s day – preparing us for butterflies in the stomach to not only be felt, but released and expressed. “Tweety” is an expression of love and all the […]

Amindi’s New Single “YWSYLS” Reveals That Her Growing Pains Taught Her The Importance of Gratitude

by Maddy Ipema
Amindi’s new single, “YWSYLS” (You win some, you lose some) showcases her finding the power of perspective in any given situation. Amindi is indefinitely making lemonade with the lemons she is given – no matter how bitter, sour, or sweet. She chose to drop this single on New Year’s Eve to close out 2020 – […]

Smartbomb Oakland’s Third Video Home System Episode Features a Transcendent Music Set by Liv.e

by Maddy Ipema
If you haven’t been tuning into SmartBomb Oakland’s video home system series, especially during this current lifeless Quarantine, you are without a doubt missing out! Smartbomb Oakland is a California based community and music platform – where they have cultivated a series that they call “Video Home System.” These video home system episodes each feature […]

Jhene Aiko’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert Chronicles Ascension

by Maddy Ipema
A lotus flower often symbolizes purity, spiritual enlightenment, and re-birth. This is how Jhene Aiko dives into her Tiny Desk – like a mermaid, dressed in an aquamarine silk dress, her various singing bowls laid out and ready as she waves her magic wand above them.  The first sound we hear as the concert begins, […]

Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight Battle It Out

by Eric Hendrix
On September 13th, Verzuz hosted a battled between Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight. This was the 3rd R&B themed Verzuz battle that Swizz Beats and Timberland have held on their platform, but this one stood out the most because of the legendary names involved. Background Although they are from a different generation of music, Patti […]