“Global Goal: Unite for Our Future” Highlighted Moments

by Darlene Leal
Various big names came together on June 27 for “Global Goal: Unite for Our Future” to bring back attention to the global issues that various communities suffer disproportionately due to poverty and racism. The concert was about two hours long and raised about 6.9 billion in pledges. Alongside the performances, various stars, such as Dwayne […]

“Ungodly Hour” Album Review

by Darlene Leal
Chloe and Hailey Bailey, better known as the duo Chloe x Halle, released their sophomore album, “Ungodly Hour,” on June 12. “We wanted to call the album ‘Ungodly Hour’ because this is the time where it’s OK not to be perfect. A lot of people perceive us as these two little angels, but there’s so […]

Chicago Music Cares Highlights Local Artists

by Darlene Leal
Chicago Music Cares is a nonprofit charity that is hosting a stream on May 30 at 7 p.m. All proceeds will be going to Northern Illinois Food Bank. The event will highlight several artist in the Chicagoland area. Thus far, the event will feature 40+ performances and you can find the list of those artist […]

Art Inspired by Quarantine: A Break From the Seriousness

by Darlene Leal
On May 3. Charli XCX encouraged her fans to edit her most recent video for “claws.” The tweet posted shows Charli in front of a green screen, dancing and singing to her newest single “claws.” In the thread of the original tweet are some quick replies which have edited Charli in front of the gay […]

Hot Jazz Can’t Be Stopped

by Julia Colasanti
Sometimes it’s the notes that jump off one another giving you no choice but to tap your toe. Other times, it’s Ella Fitzgerald’s slip n’ slide voice that feels potent and omnipresent, like a perfume you can’t get out of your nose. Or maybe it’s just the calming music in the coffee shop that transforms […]

Small Venues with Big Impact

by Julia Colasanti
There is nothing quite like live music at a small venue. The feeling of the sticky floor flexing beneath your feet struggling to cradle your jump. The surreal connection you form with the artist. The swaying fans channeling one collective emotion. The emerging concert couples navigating a new layer of love with each verse. The […]