Justin Park Releases New Single “Adore You, Dior You” Featuring Ted Park

Justin Park officially started his music career with the release of his album Places Like Home. From there, he toured with former f (x) member Amber Liu and received lots of praise for his covers on YouTube, with one of his biggest covers being Pink Sweat$’s “Honesty.” That cover alone garnered Justin Park worldwide attention.

Justin Park is driven to be one of the next faces of R&B, and with the smooth vocals and throwback sound he might one day be able to make that dream come true. With summer rolling around the corner, Justin Park teamed up with Ted Park for the single titled, “Adore You, Dior You.”

The two power forces came together and made quite a catchy song with an infectious chorus and beat. The only downfalls are the overkill of the auto-tune and the fact that it is relatively short. Despite those factors it is still an infectious song.


Is it your summer bop? Or is it a pass?

Stream “Adore You, Dior You” here:


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