Orion Sun’s New Single “Forever” Has Her Surrendering To The Resilience of Love

Orion Sun’s new single, “Forever,” has her asking and contemplating if something as strong as love comes with an expiration date like everything else in life seems to. She teamed up with infamous Chicago producer, Nascent – who’s discography is quite astounding. In the past, Nascent has collaborated with the likes of Brent Faiyaz, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, and so many more.


Nascent seems to be dedicated to bringing out the unique energy that Orion Sun possesses – it’s the quiet, soft chords yet hard snare drums in the beat that bring out this paradox of sorrow and hope that her sound leans toward. The lyrics and instrumentation of “Forever” are navigating how confusing it is to carry both pain, and yet undying love for the person who broke your heart. 

The fact that this beat is both one you could vibe to and cry to shows how much this duality of Orion Sun is being brought to the surface. This new single is no exception from Orion Sun’s hopeless romantic demeanor that is often at the forefront of her music – but “Forever” tackles and asks the question: “Just how resilient is love and can it really stand the test of time?”

Her voice oozes purity and empathy – smooth and rich vocals are doubled, echoing in the background of the track. Orion Sun is starting to incorporate a harsh, realistic perspective when it comes to ways in which she views love – coming to the full realization that it can’t all be sunshine, butterflies, and kisses all the time.

Her debut album, Hold Space For Me, that she dropped back in March had fans seeing Orion Sun break and shatter the illusions of daydreaming and idealism that were attached to the ways she had perceived love in the past. Hold Space For Me showcased the fight to grapple with the pain and abandonment that can arise when love gets tattered or broken. The beats off that album carried a profound abundance of mournful guitar chords and nostalgic, fragile keys. 

“Forever,” being one of the first singles she has released since her debut album – fans can now see how her sound has adjusted to incorporate this duality of love being regarded as a dream and a nightmare. “Forever” harnesses both the romantic, dreamy ways in which she views love – while also holding space for the darker components of love as well.

This duality of being able to balance both the lighter and darker side of love unearths a sense of maturity that she has been able to adopt. Orion Sun is finally able to own and acknowledge the full scope of her favorite topic to sing about, lament, and contemplate: love in all its glory

Fans also see Orion Sun getting a lot more comfortable within the realms of solitude and remaining grounded in single-hood. The lyrics of “Forever” express her trying to cope and deal with the loss of a partner – opening the doors for us to see her take on this healing journey of self-discovery and independence. This image of love and a partner as being home to her is being ripped out from under her. She becomes forced to seek out that comfort and security within herself.

What’s utterly beautiful and magnetic about this track is the expression of hope that is being communicated amongst this inherent sense of pain and loss. Orion Sun is expressing that although she is finally becoming awakened to the hurt that arises from loving so deeply – her love remains transient and unflinching. 

Even in the dark, she is still being blinded by the light of love. She sings, “I think I’ll love you forever, even down on my worst days. You see the beauty in darkness darling, so nothing will ever hurt me. Can’t believe that you hurt me. I’m out here on my own again.

The track ends with a captivating, flute inspired synthesizer that leaves fans wanting more. The ending instrumentation seems to mimic and symbolize this bitter-sweet taste Orion Sun now has in regards to love – but her dedication to honoring love remains eternal.

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