New Spotlight Singles Peak With Potential

There are several new singles that have trickled into the noteworthy category this past week, but a few stand out as strikingly special and deserve unique appraisal. Here, we cast a limelight on the young and promising, and uncover merely the budding works of some artists that are sure to further impress in the near future.

Terrible Human Beings Album Cover (via Spin)
“Double Feature” by The Orwells

The young and tenacious group from suburban Chicago has been slowly releasing quality singles like breadcrumbs that eventually lead to their upcoming album, titled Terrible Human Beings. This band embodies every proper feeling of garage band rock in each lyric and chord they produce, and their newest single is no different. From the commanding vocal execution to the frequently evolving guitar riffs that keep you on your toes, “Double Feature” contains as much as it can in seven minutes. It bursts at the seams with the glorified and exciting sound of youthful hands on guitar strings, to leave you with eager expectations for their upcoming full-length piece.

“Smoke” by Mosa Wild

A warm welcome to the indie rock scene for this new bloom of a band as they make their debut release with the beautifully moody track, “Smoke”. The members of Mosa Wild take hold of the perfected epitome of chill indie alternative by the reins and pulling it in a persistently alluring direction. Chillingly smooth vocals and an impeccable syncopation of voice, drums, and keyboard come together so cohesively. Success is plenty visible on the horizon for these newcomers.

Blinded Single Cover (via BroadwayWorld)
“Blinded” by Emmit Fenn

The final new release worth honorable mention this week is a heart-wrenching number by emerging indie electronic artist, Emmit Fenn. “Blinded” is thoroughly simplistic in its lyrical delivery, but the subtle hints of symphony and piano add an instrumental depth like no other. The exhalation of sentiment-ridden drumming that echoes through the bridge of this song really leaves the listener with the powerful impression of ache. This is only Fenn’s second song—following the gaining popularity of “Painting Greys”—to reach what is sure to be a heavily growing future audience.

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Southwest-suburb born and raised, and attending University of Iowa. Chicago, its sports, and an infinite amount of music are a few things I can't get enough of.

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