IAMDDB New Single, “WA’HUM,” Embodies Spiritual Protection

IAMDD proclaims on the hook of her new single, “WA’HUM,” “SEND ME JUJU AND IT BOUNCE RIGHT BACK” – followed by the sound of an aggressive pack of dogs barking in the background, about to be let off the leash.

This is a very different departure from IAMDDB’s usual style and tone that is the persona often reflected in her music. IAMDDB has also come up with her own adjectives and terms to help describe the ever-shifting versatility and genres that she invokes within her music. 

She started a movement of urban jazz and created the term “wavy” to articulate the free spirit in her. She has this ability to go with the flow of whatever form her music takes, and ride that with the confidence until she must fall and start anew. 

Photo Credit to Music Musings

IAMDDB is coming into 2021 with aggression, force, and power. The beat of this track is lit up by African and Jamaican drums while her flow teeters between domination and conviction. A master of her own mind, body, and spirit – IAMDDB is the ultimate alchemist on this song. She banishes the evil eye that lurks. She banishes jealousy, hate, and darkness from entering into her sacred self. 

Divination is all about the ability and will to transmute energy. IAMDDB can say with profound faith and trust in herself, that no matter what evil forces are out to get her – she will remain unfazed, untouched. 

This single also has IAMDDB not only glowing from spiritual protection – but also her ability to blend into any surroundings and give back the same time, energy, and attention that is being given to her. 

In other words, her protective nature keeps her in alignment only with reciprocal, nourishing energy that will continue to empower her, never drain or diminish. 

Juju magic focuses on the ability to control, a lot of the time through fear – that is of course if the Juji is sent to provoke and manipulate, rather than elevate.

Intimidation and fear are the biggest threats to our inner peace. In a world that everyday seems to be filled more and more with inherent darkness and malicious intentions – to see IAMDDB summoning the essence of Lillith is exactly the mindset we need for all the uncertainty burning through the air. 

IAMDDB is glowing from the inside out – exhibiting her erotic, sensual and seductive side to the world. She is taking up space, unapologetically. 

Maddy Ipema

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