Raveena’s New Single “Tweety” Is Hopelessly Romantic

If we can count on any artist to keep romance alive, it is without a doubt Raveena. Her new single, “Tweety” dropped just a few weeks before Valentine’s day – preparing us for butterflies in the stomach to not only be felt, but released and expressed.

“Tweety” is an expression of love and all the day-dreams that are overflowing in Raveena’s colorful imagination. Her lyrics reflect a sense of both vulnerability and sensitivity – yet with such confidence, the power in her ability to love deeply with such freedom gushes out of her. 

With freedom, usually comes the imagery of taking flight, spreading one’s wings – a departure into the unknown without any room for hesitation. Raveena seemingly takes on the contrasting traits that make up the beloved cartoon character, Tweety Bird, in which the song is named after. 

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In the first verse, Raveena is fully gravitating towards Tweety Bird’s innocence. On the surface, Tweety Bird appears to be an angel – good natured and incredibly pure at heart. This is similar to the core of what Raveena is known for, making music that removes panic from tenderness.

Her music replaces the prospect of fear with the abundance of love. In the chorus, she sings about butterflies and devotion. In verse two, Raveena is stepping into the other side of Tweety Bird – aggressive, protective, and a hidden sense of inner strength simmering.

I have been wishing for Raveena to explore rapping for what seems like forever. “Tweety” is her official debut of spitting a quick verse and embedding it into the track. 

She spits in her coy, high pitched voice, “ I don’t wanna keep it on the low, on my knees when you get home.  Like a telfare drop, I don’t wanna see it, then it’s gone. You know I’m the type to tell them no, hair long, baby gold. When you’re with me, let me know.”

Throughout this track, we see Raveena accepting that love has the potential to run and fly away. She is also accepting the fact that she can’t deny her love, whether it is physically present or not. Love also exists and lives within the mind. 

She knows that love both grounds and liberates her. There is liberation and power in the way that Raveena goes about expressing her emotional maturity and capacity on this single. She sings in the chorus, “Hold it down, hold it down, if you really need time. I won’t lie, I won’t lie. I want you for me.”

Raveena honestly communicates her desires without clouding her love with expectations. The uncertainty and risk taking that love requires seems to be what she is flying towards. She releases the need to pretend or keep secret her true feelings – and instead lets herself imagine.

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