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Amindi’s New Single “YWSYLS” Reveals That Her Growing Pains Taught Her The Importance of Gratitude

by Maddy Ipema
Amindi’s new single, “YWSYLS” (You win some, you lose some) showcases her finding the power of perspective in any given situation. Amindi is indefinitely making lemonade with the lemons she is given – no matter how bitter, sour, or sweet. She chose to drop this single on New Year’s Eve to close out 2020 – […]

Navy Blue Confronts Ancestral Trauma in His New Album, “Song of Sage: Post Panic!”

by Maddy Ipema
This album is a full, poetic monologue of a culmination of ancestral trauma leaking throughout the album and Navy’s blood like a broken pipe.  On the track “Sea Bass,” off of rapper Navy Blue’s new album, Song of Sage: Post Panic! – he raps, “Navy is an artist, and an author, and a poet. For […]

Steve Lacy’s New Release, “The Lo-Fis” Is a Love Letter To His Youth

by Maddy Ipema
Now technically, “The Lo-Fis” is a “new” release from artist Steve Lacy – but a lot of these songs have been floating around in the SoundCloud sphere for quite some time now. Steve Lacy’s baby highschool self-made most of the songs that are featured on “The Lo-Fis,” and now they are finally being officially released, […]

Pink Siifu, Fly Anakin and Liv.e Come Together to Get Their “Mind Right”

by Maddy Ipema
MC’s Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin spit and slur on the hook, “ I got my mind right, money right, ready for you.” Their nostalgic, dazed and loopy drawl is the focal point behind their new single, “Mind Right.” The visuals that accompany the single and the timeless mood it evokes all lead directly to […]

Buddy and Kent Jamz Bring the Cozy Vibes to Their Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

by Maddy Ipema
The Dynamic Duo that is Buddy and Kent Jamz recently have joined the Tiny Desk at Home concert series, performing a couple of tracks off their latest collaborative project, “Janktape Vol. 1.” “Janktape Vol. 1” dropped on April 17th and is the first time these two have joined forces – which makes their undoubtable chemistry […]

Kehlani’s New Album: “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” Puts Toxic Relationships on Blast

by Maddy Ipema
While it is evident that this quarantine has put the world in a standstill, Kehlani seems to have dedicated this moment of pause for self-reflection and healing. It was Good Until It Wasn’t is only Kehlani’s second studio album, yet the intimacy and vulnerability this project offers is immensely transformative. It is not as if […]