Brent Faiyaz Releases New Single, “Gravity” Featuring Tyler, The Creator

“What goes up must come down” seems to be the question Faiyaz is wrestling within his mind for the majority of his new single, “Gravity.” Faiyaz’s nomad, free-spirited, and recklessly inclined nature seems to be leaving him trapped somewhere in limbo.

He is neither up, nor down, so his relationships are like star constellations webbed into space – leaving him feeling either confined or aimless. 

Some people will look out into a vast body of nothing but clear water stretching past their gaze, and stare for far too long off into the distance. Some will look up at the moon and stars hovering, appearing somewhat lost in the night sky – and will inhale its void of ego or even purpose, soaking up the sensation of pure existence. 

To those people, they are witnessing freedom. Brent Faiyaz is one of those people who would hop clouds like city pot-holes if he could – no map, no strings, no destination, but a home to return back to does sound have some appeal to him. 

Faiyaz is trying to out-run gravity throughout the whole single – gravity being a metaphor for the way he feels weighed down by the prospect of commitment and the expectations that come along with it. He is learning there is a certain dance, a certain rhythm to the way in which relationships have their highs and lows. 

Faiyaz is also awakening to the presence the wheel of fortune plays in life. Sometimes he finds the wheel turning miraculously for him and he is way above everybody else, up away in space. Other times, he reflects on when the wheel caught the winter wind at night and blew his sense of security right out from under him with no fair warning. 

When he is down, he remembers those who were right by his side, lying alongside him on the ground. He talks about the guilt washing over him when the wheel sends him back up into the sky – untouchable and limitless to those who were previously surrounding him. 

DJ Dahi’s production on the beat for “Gravity” is where Tyler, The Creator’s sound seems to make its presence known the most – dipping into funky synthesizers, and moody electric keys. 

Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator are both big fans of experimenting with pitch and indulging in lower frequencies and octaves for certain verses. 

Tyler, The Creator seems to always deliver when it comes to features and this one is no exception. He plays around with puns and homonyms, adding a witty, charm to his verse. 

Tyler is retaliating with Faiyaz’s intense desire for freedom. In many ways, both of the themes and roadblocks that are reflected in their music are like magnets – repelling one another, but also innately connected energetically. 

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In Tyler’s lyrics, his desires lean towards craving loyalty, stability, and safety within his relationships. For Faiyaz, his lyrics reflect a desire for complete freedom, travel, and spontaneity. When we are given either too much space or too little space is when the floating starts to happen, mimicking the suspension of the moon in the sky. 

That’s when the waiting begins and the passing of time becomes more visible. Faiyaz sings, “You held me up when I was down and out, but I don’t want you waitin’ round for me ( she hold me down). I don’t want you waitin’ too long.”

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