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Orion Sun’s Highly Anticipated Debut Album, “Hold Space for Me” Is Finally Here

by Maddy Ipema
I first stumbled upon Orion Sun back in 2017 amongst the depths of the SoundCloud world. SoundCloud, at the time, was overloaded with mumble rappers slurring over static, low-quality beats. I felt as if I had gone dumpster diving and Orion Sun was the treasure that I emerged with. Her incredibly innovative sound was something […]

Brent Faiyaz’s “Fuck the World” Is a Retaliation to the Search for Meaning”

by Maddy Ipema
Brent Faiyaz seems to be in a “Fuck the World” type of energy when it comes to seeking clarity from the many unanswered questions that he is asking on his new album. Faiyaz, who has a sweet, tangy bravado to his voice, proves on this new full-length album that he is also able to master […]

Raveena’s New Single, “Headaches” Is a Queer Utopia

by Maddy Ipema
Raveena is channeling all her ethereal magic with the release of her first single of 2020, “Headaches.” Raveena took the world by storm with her debut album “Lucid,” which dropped back in May. “Lucid” took listeners on a spiritual journey of healing as Raveena grapples with the idea of being able to find the light […]

Kobe Bryant’s Legacy in Music

by Eric Hendrix
The world is still mourning for the famed basketball player Kobe Bryant. On January 26, a helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and 7 other people crashed in Calabasas, California ending the lives of everyone on board. Kobe Bryant was many things to several different people. He was an excellent basketball player, he was […]

“IAMDDB’s “Kare Package” Is a Moment for the Future of Urban Jazz”

by Maddy Ipema
IAMDDB is a British female rapper and singer, originally hailing from Manchester. Her vibe and aesthetic are a crucial component in what makes IAMDDB so infectious as an artist. She has cultivated her own sound by merging her love for both trap-rap and old-school jazz. When those two very divergent genres come together – you […]

Amber Liu’s “X” Tour – Photos and Review

by Darlene Leal
Former K-pop star Amber Liu visited Chicago on February 1, 2020, for her second solo tour for her first full album “X“. She was accompanied by her opening acts Justice Carradine and Meg & Dia. Together, the four vibed harmoniously with their different genres meshing beautifully. The Opening Act: Justice Carradine opened to a room […]