Amindi’s New Single “YWSYLS” Reveals That Her Growing Pains Taught Her The Importance of Gratitude

Amindi’s new single, “YWSYLS” (You win some, you lose some) showcases her finding the power of perspective in any given situation. Amindi is indefinitely making lemonade with the lemons she is given – no matter how bitter, sour, or sweet. She chose to drop this single on New Year’s Eve to close out 2020 – a year that was overrun with uncertainty, and for many, an infinite succession of loss. 

There is always a simultaneous presence of both good and bad in life, a series of wins and losses all clouded by us never really knowing the outcome of any given situation. However, all though life will always come with that cosmic balance of both – it seems as though the bad has been on the throne for far too long and the uncertainty component of life has multiplied throughout 2020, transforming into fear. 

The producer of this single, Walt Mensa, sonically matched this bitter-sweet tone by pairing Amindi’s dainty vocals with just an acoustic guitar accompanying her. Amindi’s voice elicits and conveys sadness, yet acceptance – as if she has mastered the art of appreciation of all that comes her way.

Amindi is throwing up her hands to the universe in the chorus, ready to receive whatever life throws her way. It’s quite hard to get to this level of stability within one’s sense of self, especially in your 20s.

Amindi is completely grounded and has been able to create that foundation of self through witnessing her foundation being destroyed. This destruction is the thing that paved the way for Amindi to have faith in her ability to rise, to re-birth, to recreate, to adapt, to re-build. 

To have this level of validity and trust in oneself, to be able to know unflinchingly that you’ll be able to steer the turbulence of negative outcomes in a way that is still beneficial for you- whether that be good or bad is no easy feat. 

She sings, “You win some, you lose some. Outcomes been gruesome, I’ll take my cues from what I know. Tried hard to keep right, home before streetlights. Learned to how to rewrite all my codes.”

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Amindi has discovered and unearthed the perspective of gratitude, but also of reclaiming your power through altering her interpretation of any given outcome. She’s rolling the dice of life. She knows that whether she has been training or is incredibly skilled in the game, she still may lose the bet regardless. Even if she does everything she feels she’s “supposed” to or can control in the moment –  it still leaves the outcome anonymous and void, up to chance. 

In this single, Amindi is releasing and surrendering what she can’t control – instead she is putting her energy towards shifting her ideology from a loss always equating to something bad. Through her growing pains, and in her moments of loss is where she found wisdom – not just when it came to how to act in life, but how to interpret it. 

Growing pains are literally put in front of us like hurdles – sometimes some of us will fall and other times we will fly over it in ecstasy. The wheel of fortune will always continue to spin and twirl, no matter how long it feels as though it is stuck in a rut. 

Her growing pains gave her the experience and lessons she needed to acquire in order to shift the perspective to one centered around gratitude. 

She is stating throughout this single that we all are inevitably going to lose and win – so why not try to find some silver lining that can be dug out from what appeared to be a deficit?

It’s like when one artist makes a sad song and turns it into pure, vulnerable art – an expression that makes millions of others feel connected to one another through something that was supposed to make us feel miserable. 

Amindi does though however make it clear that this does not mean to adopt toxic positivity at all in your life. It’s kind of about just going through each loss or win – allowing yourself to feel and validate whatever that experience brings up for you. 

Gratitude is something that has to be constantly maintained just like health or a relationship – it requires practice, and nurturing, and compassion with yourself as well. 

Amindi sees growing pains and loses as an opportunity for healing – which allows for her to see it from a sense of gratitude, appreciation. 

In the bridge she sings, I don’t wanna pretend that I’m all good on my end, but I learned how to be my own friend.”

I think this single has the perfect message to enter 2021 with: Try to seek gratitude in any way you can, accept uncertainty, and try to find comfort, solace, and trust within yourself.

Maddy Ipema

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