Singles To Check Out – April Update

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As another month concludes, a rush of early summer smashes are being bestowed upon us. Check out the latest releases from the following three artists:

Fickle Friends

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Genre: Pop

Not in the Mood” is a pulsating pop song about self-assurance and the realization of self-worth. Not everything may work out as initially planned, but it sure will sound happy!

“We all do things that aren’t good for us. We keep people in our lives who make us work for their affection, who make us feel like the ‘back up plan’ just in case what they really want doesn’t work out. In classic Fickle Friends style we have dressed up a sad song in party clothes. We hope you love this as much as we loved writing it.”

Natti Shiner on “Not in the Mood.” (Quote provided by BF)

Fickle Friends’ Weird Years: Season 2 EP will be released the seventh of May, but it can be pre-saved here.


Genre: Pop

Tae’s “Moonlight” is a soft, dreamy pop song about the beauty of falling in love.

Moonlight’ is all about the fun of falling in love with someone-the infatuation, butterflies-the bliss,” Tae explains of the song. “Everything seems so easy to just run with in that moment, I wanted this song to really capture that feeling. I love the instruments and synths used throughout this song, and how I played with the melodies between lyrics. It was a super fun and experimental process.”

Tae on Moonlight. (Quote provided by PM Studio)

Bree Runway

Genre: Pop/R&B

Bree Runway is ready for that “hot girl summer” with her latest self-love anthem.

“I feel like this is the song everyone needs to hear as it gets hotter and the world eases up. This pandemic hasn’t been easy on the brain, and with being indoors wearing joggers 24/7, it’s been hard to feel like a hottie, so I’m hoping this track will help.”

Bree Runway on “Hot Hot.”

Fun fact: if the single sounds familiar it’s because it features a sample of Busta Rhymes‘ hit, “Touch It.”

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