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As we’ve all continued to be cooped in the house, I’ve noticed I’ve been looping back to the same few songs. My taste in music ranges from well-known artists that are played on the radio, to more “obscure” artists. There is no real rhyme or reason as to why these following songs have been blasting nonstop other then they are completely catchy. The playlist jumps from genres and there isn’t a limitation when the music was released.

Some of the songs are as recent as Chloe x Halle‘s release of “Ungodly Hours” or Hayley Williams“Petals For Armor.” Or, it can be as “old” as Danger Incorporateds “Diamond” from 2017 and Poppy’s “Girls in Bikinis” released in 2018.

Ashnikko — “Daisy,” “Cry,” and “Tantrum” (2020)

The playlist starts off with an artist that has quickly become one of my favorites, Ashnikko. Ashnikko is unafraid to be blunt by expressing both heartache and the ability to be that girl. She effortlessly blends EDM with her explicit, punchy lyrics.

Chloe x Halle — “Do It” and “Forgive Me” (2020)

“Ungodly Hour” just had to make the list for two reasons, “Forgive me” and “Do it.” Since I’ve reviewed the album, those two songs have been in a constant loop. Forgive Me” is very reminiscent of a Beyoncé song from the crisp beat, to the falsettos, and back to the diva attitude. Chloe x Halle got it all down…“Do it” is easily their “club friendly” single. It is undeniably catchy with its rhythmic thumps, light beats, dreamy harmony, and the repetitive lyrics.”

Hayley Williams — “Dead Horse” and “Taken” (2020)

In the same vein, I fell in love with “Dead Horse” and “Over yet” for completely opposite reasons. “Dead Horse” understands the hardships of depression and how those mental hardships can stifle your creative ability. Whereas “Over Yet” is a much lighter dance-pop track that meets ’80s synths and is centered around Williams’ flawless vocals.

Meg & Dia — “Warm Blood,” “American Spirit,” and “Boys Can Cry” (2019)

Meg & Dia’s album, Happysad, has a rustic pop-rock sound with glossy harmonies and honest and thorough lyrics. The album rocks back and forth from happy upbeat songs such as “Warm Blood” and “American Spirit,” whereas “Boys Can Cry” speaks more on cynicism. 

One hit wonders (in regards to the playlist) but equally as good

Amber Liu, Jaira Burns, Qveen Herby, xoxomyah, Poppy, Roses & Revolutions, Billie Marten, Kailee Morgue, Doja Cat, Lauren Sanderson, Brooklynn, Tove Lo, Ari Lennox, L Devine, and Danger Incorporated.

(Note: Most of these songs have some sort of explicit language.)


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