Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Speaks on His Solo Album

Corey Taylor. Credit: Ashley Osborn

Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor recently got together with fellow band member Shawn “Clown” Crahan (and Kaaos TV) to talk about his upcoming solo album and expressed that it will be nothing like Slipknot or his other band Stone Sour, which recently announced that they are in an indefinite hiatus.

The Electric Chair

Bandmates Crahan and Taylor really touched on the importance of the word solo for Taylor. Crahan revealed that Taylor is his favorite singer and apart of his favorite band but, that he fully understands that Taylor wants to explore his own avenue and delve into his solo but he wanted to open up the floor for him to explain the “why.”

Taylor explained that his new music is far too different and doesn’t fit either group. “It was weird – it was like I was trying to fill in an empty space in that artistic spot in my heart, and I knew that, obviously, there was no way it was gonna fit with Slipknot because it’s just such a different entity.

Taylor expressed that he was previously content with bouncing between bands but that it was finally time to go solo.

He also made it very clear that his reasoning of going solo wasn’t because he wanted to be in the “front more” because technically he was always in the front. It was more a matter of artistic freedom. “So it really kind of came down to the definition of what the project needed to be, honestly, for it to be taken seriously. And it came down to just me embracing the fact that it was gonna be a solo project.”

Kaaos TV

Taylor talked more in-depth about the details of the album and the feel of it with KaaosTV. Taylor explained that the album was like his own taste in music because it is all over the place and diverse with its energy.

“I really fashioned an album that feels very connected, very fluid – there’s so many different genres on here, everything really flows really well together,” Taylor expressed. “The sequence really tells a great story, and it feels really natural. I think that lends itself to the fact that when people hear it, it won’t feel as out of touch with what I’ve done because it will be such an easy listen, let’s put it that way. The only real pressure was recording it, and even then it wasn’t pressure because we did it all live in the studio.

Taylor on his first solo album. Credit to interview with Kaaos TV.

Taylor revealed that Slipknot will be on their own for the rest of the year and will finish up their tour once they can. Taylor will then work on his second solo album and focus on a solo tour.

Next year, hopefully when things get back to normal, knock on wood, I’ll finish up the Slipknot tour cycle and then after that probably go in and record my second solo album and then go out and tour on two albums instead of just one,” Taylor told Kaaos TV.

Stream “CMFT” in its entirety on October 2, but until then here are the first two singles off the album.


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