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On Constant Loop

by Darlene
As we’ve all continued to be cooped in the house, I’ve noticed I’ve been looping back to the same few songs. My taste in music ranges from well-known artists that are played on the radio, to more “obscure” artists. There is no real rhyme or reason as to why these following songs have been blasting […]

Hayley Williams’ “Petals For Armor” Reveals Vulnerability, Femininity, and Rage

by Darlene
Hayley Williams was always a performer who put their all on stage but, this album displays a newer and more vulnerable side to the performer that was never shown before. This album addresses the hurt she experienced from her divorce, her own trauma growing up, and embracing her femininity and the unity that comes with […]

Hayley Williams Released Her First Solo EP

by Darlene
Towards the end of last year, Hayley Williams hinted that she would be releasing her own music on her social media. She said it would be releasing towards the start of 2020, and that time has officially come. The “Petals for Armor” EP is the first half of her album. Thus far, “Petals for Amor” […]

Check out These Four Badass Female Singers’ New Singles

by Marissa Bachrach
Within the last few days, four badass female musicians have released new singles. Check them out here! 1. Doja Cat- “Boss Bitch” for the new movie, “Birds of Prey” This Doja Cat single, which dropped on January 23, has the classic rap lyricism Doja is known for, mixed with a fun dance-y beat. It’s the […]

Upcoming Albums to Look Forward to In 2020

by Darlene
With the new year comes plenty of great new albums to come. Many huge names have confirmed their upcoming album, or some sort of music release. Below are just the peak of some upcoming project for the beginning of the year. Some dates are still vague but there are some definite known releases to look […]

Watch out for Hayley Williams in 2020!

by Darlene
While it is known that Paramore is currently taking a break, it seems like front woman, Hayley Williams, is prepared for a comeback. In a recent post on Twitter, Williams discussed her 31st birthday, being thankful for the love and support from her fans and then dropped the ball – stating that she has plans […]