Ashnikko Strays from the Typical

In a world where social media and memes are prevalent, it is hard to understand why Ashnikko isn’t more well-known.

In her EP, “Hi, It’s Me,” she speak about getting over “fxck boys,” rejecting crappy sex, and being too busy because she’s a “working bxtch.” Ashnikko carries a very carefree and comedic take on the rap/hip-hop genre.

Ashnikko’s EP, “Hi, It’s Me” focuses on her power as a working woman that prioritizes her career over measly distractions from a former love. Essentially, this album is a post break up anthem and a call for female empowerment in the most raw and unapologetic way. Her lyrics are comedically vulgar and they are accompanied with a hard bass, an up-beat tempo, and the sweet sounds of trap-pop.

She deviates from the classical idea of what a rap artist should be. Everything from her look to her sound is out of the ordinary. Ashnikko is clearly having fun with her lyrics and music.

Ashnikko is very reminiscent of the early, and relevant days of, Myspace. Her style is eccentric, enjoyable, and unique in the rap genre.

Track List:

  • Hi, It’s Me
  • Special
  • Working Bitch
  • Manners


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