“Ungodly Hour” Album Review

Chloe and Hailey Bailey, better known as the duo Chloe x Halle, released their sophomore album, “Ungodly Hour,” on June 12.

“Do It” is the first single to have been released off of “Ungodly Hour,” and their fourth single in the album.

“We wanted to call the album ‘Ungodly Hour’ because this is the time where it’s OK not to be perfect. A lot of people perceive us as these two little angels, but there’s so much more to us than that. We’re growing as young women and we’re learning to love ourselves, while owning our insecurities, vulnerabilities and sexuality. I can’t wait for everyone to learn more about us when they hear this album.”

Chloe Bailey to CBS. Quote from Newsinfo.


Getting straight to the point, “Ungodly Hours” is a phenomenal album. It demonstrates Chole x Halle’s immense talent both lyrically and artistically as every song was written and produced by the duo. Not only that, but their voices are also simply angelic and they are able to produce some mind-blowing harmonies together.

The album epitomizes what contemporary R&B is. They are able to blend different eras together effortlessly and keep the sound fresh. For example, their opening single “Forgive Me” is very reminiscent of a Beyoncé song from the crisp beat, to the falsettos, and back to the diva attitude. Chloe x Halle got it all down.

Baby girl” is an empowering, bouncy anthem for the girls. They are encouraging women to take the world into their hands as they open up about their own struggles as women. The drum is subtle yet steady as their voices cascade to the empowering chorus. “Do it” is easily their “club friendly” single. It is undeniably catchy with its rhythmic thumps, light beats, dreamy harmony, and the repetitive lyrics. It is the “Ladies night” anthem of the album. “Busy Boy” starts off with a 50’s vintage sound and leads into a funk-dance track. The song is very playful and shows off their range as they switch from strong low notes to runs.

“Overwhelmed” and “Don’t Make it Harder On Me” are more personal and emotional songs that discuss their love lives and the feeling of being “overwhelmed” by the pressures of life. “Overwhelmed” is a short interlude towards the end which is accompanied by a piano while “Don’t Make it Harder On Me” is a soulful post-breakup song about a failed relationship that was hard to let go of.

The album ends with a playful ode to themselves and their listeners as they remind us all to love ourselves and live authentically.

Second single off the album “Forgive Me.”

Favorite/ Recommended Songs:

“Forgive Me,” “Do It,” “Baby girl,” “Wonder What She Thinks of Me,” and “Ungodly Hour.

Stream “Ungodly Hour” on Spotify:


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