Azealia Banks and CupcakKe Went Off

This past weekend has been quite eventful for Azealia Banks and CupcakKe. Both ladies decided to be vocal on the same night, and it was quite something.

Azealia Banks:

Azealia Banks is back on the hot seat for attacking another successful women in the industry. It’s only been two weeks since attacking Lizzo for being an “ongoing joke” that she’s grown tired of, and for being a “dumpy fat girl.”

Credit to: @Nicole145 for the screencap.

Banks kept the same fat shaming tone, but this time at the end of her brunt is Rihanna. Banks got on Instagram and posted several videos to both her Instagram and on her story where she discussed her feelings about the Savage X Fenty Show. Despite it getting mostly positive reactions on social media, Banks felt very differently about the fashion show. Banks expressed being very bothered by the theme of body positivity.


Banks mocked Rihanna for her drug use, weight and appearance. Then she went on and accused Rihanna of only being body inclusive due to her own weight gain.

Banks then stated that, “we will have no fat f-ing Black icons on this side.” This caused a negative reaction from the public which led to tweets being posted against Banks.

2019 is far from over, but as of now, Banks has come for Kenny Beats and Rico NastyCardi B, Lizzo and now Rihanna.


Later that night, CupcakKE tweeted some serious allegations towards another women in the industry.

Most guesses underneath those tweets pointed to former Fifth Harmony member, Camilla Cabello. CupcakKe had just dropped a song the day before she dropped these tweets. It was a great means of promotion especially since she made the trending list after those tweets.

CupcakKe ended this rant with threats of receipts. She then proceeded to share posts of her new song and hasn’t since mentioned the thread of tweets.


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