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Listen to Gus Dapperton’s New Single, “Post Humorous”

by Marissa Bachrach
Indie pop artist, Gus Dapperton, released a new single, “Post Humorous,” on July 1. The song starts on the slower side and by the chorus, the song picks up into a very catchy melody, which many Gus Dapperton songs feature.  Dapperton is a 22-year-old American singer-songwriter, most known for his songs “Prune, You Talk Funny” […]

Art Inspired by Quarantine: A Break From the Seriousness

by Darlene
On May 3. Charli XCX encouraged her fans to edit her most recent video for “claws.” The tweet posted shows Charli in front of a green screen, dancing and singing to her newest single “claws.” In the thread of the original tweet are some quick replies which have edited Charli in front of the gay […]

TikTok Songs Are Taking Over

by Mallory Dwortz
What is Happening? I can’t say this is the “coolest” or most “music literate” thing I’ve ever done, but I can’t stop thinking about TikTok. I recently downloaded it and am quickly becoming acquainted with “TikTok songs” as a phenomenon. Again, not my finest music journalism hour. It’s just so hard to resist when one […]

Creators of TikTok Introduce Music Streaming Service, “Resso”

by Mari Rose
After the great Vine shutdown of January 2017, audiences everywhere yearned for its return. Three years later, its creators are back with Byte, a new video looping app that “celebrates life, community, and pure creativity,” its app’s description reads. “Nostalgia is our starting point, but where we go next is up to you.” This news, […]