“Let The Light In” Tour Reaches, Des Moines, IA

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Strutting onto the stage in a sports bra and red joggers, Mandy Lee’s voice filled the air with the sound of their hit single “Machine.”


On Monday night, MisterWives performed their Des Moines, IA show with immense energy. The show was their fourth stop on their, “Let the Light In” tour. The tour debuts their second album, “Connect the Dots.

The five piece band is made up of Mandy Lee (lead singer),  Etienne Bowler (drummer), William Hehir (bass guitarist), Marc Campbell (guitarist), Jesse Blum (keyboard, trumpet) and Mike Murphy (saxophone).


photo: misterwives.com


The album produced by, Republic Records, was released on May 19, 2017.


“For the second album, we really wanted to just get rid of all that noise, so we went upstate and just kind of lived in the woods and had bonfires every night and turned the living room into a recording studio,” Lee, said in reference to writing their second album.

The show, opened by, flor, began with a rock feel. However, their second opener, Flint Eastwood, did not show. The band did not acknowledge the absence of the opener, but continued the show with their quaint charm.




Mid-way through the show, Lee dedicated the song “Drummer Boy” to Bowler, her fiance and drummer. The crowd awed at their happiness. From the social-justice style “Revolution” to the inspirational “Chasing This,” Misterwives did not fail to engage the crowd at this show.

After their set, the crowd cheered in hopes of an encore. After a few minutes, the band came back and gave their fans what they were asking for.

Ending with one of their most popular songs, “Our Own House,” had the crowd jumping and dancing about. The trumpet and saxophone were also finally broken out for the encore.

“I feel like music is such an amazing platform to speak on topics that will bring everyone together,” Lee said in an interview with, Build. 


Since the release of their second album, it has reached 41 on Billboard’s album sales. If you want to catch MisterWives on their tour, there are still over 30 shows left, so don’t miss out!!!


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