Abrasive noise, scathing political sarcasm, and groovy experimentation is the best way I can describe my experience with Baltimore native rapper, JPEGMAFIA.

Upon discovering him, I was completely engulfed in his no-holds barred style of music that meshes his brutally honest personality with some of the wildest production happening in all of music. His creativity is what allows him to be the most interesting rapper of the past couple of years.

His newest album, Veteran, (releasing back in January of 2018), is his most complete body of work to date, as it not only aims to let the world know that he has been honing his craft for well over a decade, but also allows listeners to peek into his life as a former military veteran.

It is this real-life experience in the military system which adds legitimacy into JPEG’s views on current political happenings in our country. But don’t be fooled, this is not a preachy album, and JPEG covers a variety of topics with jest such as, Kanye West, Morrisey fans, and fake liberal woke-ness. He prides himself on taking on the alt-right with deadly precision but will not hold back on taking on pandering liberal ideals as well.

What makes his music so interesting is just how honest and real all of his lyrics feel; despite being shouted, distorted, and dipped in verbal hot-sauce. Veteran, as well as JPEGMAFIA’s entire catalog of music, meshes multiple genres/ideas together in a sound that is akin to a black Quentin Tarantino movie on crystal meth, and if that’s a sonic experience you would like to have, then JPEGMAFIA is the artist for you.


Joe Hendrix (stylized HYNDRYX). Senior year Film Student at DePaul University. Into weird music and other generally strange things. I make music as well as write television scripts.

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