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Producer and Artist Black Noi$e Surrenders to the “Oblivion” of Darkness

by Maddy Ipema
Black Noi$e is the first artist/producer to officially join and sign to the rapper, Earl Sweatshirt’s, independent label, Tan Cressida. Black Noi$e’s first contribution to the label is the release of his brand new album “Oblivion” which possesses features from Earl Sweatshirt himself, Danny Brown, Bbbymutha – and many more. Black Noi$e is quite a […]

Bring Me The Horizon Releases Genre-Bending Single

by Mickayla Whitt
Bring Me The Horizon is known for how experimental they’ve been with their genre the past few years and their new song “Parasite Eve” proves that they will continue to do so. Following the release of their experimental album, Music to Listen To…, this song returns the band back to a more vocal sound.  The […]

by: Brandon Lung

Stand Atlantic Pushes Boundaries With New Song

by Mickayla Whitt
When the world started coming to a standstill, Stand Atlantic said they would release a song every month while this is happening. So far, the Australian pop-punk band has released singles such as “Shh!” and “Drink To Drown,” and most recently they released “Wavelength.” “Wavelength” is a bit different from what Stand Atlantic fans are […]


Abrasive noise, scathing political sarcasm, and groovy experimentation is the best way I can describe my experience with Baltimore native rapper, JPEGMAFIA. Upon discovering him, I was completely engulfed in his no-holds barred style of music that meshes his brutally honest personality with some of the wildest production happening in all of music. His creativity […]

Body/Head Go Down a Tedious Road On, “The Switch”

by Henry Netherland
Pretentious art punk band, Body/Head make a 40 minute album with just two electric guitars and one voice. What could go wrong? Body/Head is an experimental electric guitar duo comprised of former Sonic Youth frontwoman, Kim Gordon, as well as guitarist and founder of Open Mouth Records, Bill Nace. “The Switch” is their newest full […]