ODESZA to Release “REMNANTS” a Crypto-Art NFT Collection in Collaboration With Japanese Dad

ODESZA is jumping on the NFT train, joining other artists in their pursuit of the digital art space. The collection is meant to represent the past imprinting on the future– a mixture of old and new– imparting ODESZA and Japanese Dad’s unique essence as artists. Together, they wish to dust away the soil surrounding past visions, creating, “An afterimage of the past imprinted upon the future.” As long time collaborators and friends, Japanese Dad and ODESZA are sure to produce a mind-bendingly-beautiful creation, as is consistent with ODESZA’s live performances. Their use of lights and visuals nourishes an otherworldly concert environment– something potentially enriched further by this latest virtual project. I can’t wait to see what “REMNANTS” has in store for us.

To the artists, “REMNANTS” is:

“An NFT art show by ODESZA & JapaneseDad composed of excavated ideas from their years long collaboration as artists. REMNANTS is a resurrection of artistic concepts lost to time and scattered across hard-drives, unearthing the past to inspire the future and revitalizing forgotten inspirations through the lens of current experience. REMNANTS embodies the rebirth of lost artifacts informing our future history now forever preserved on the blockchain.” (quote found here)

Arriving Saturday, March 20, this first collection will be available at 2pm ET on Nifty Gateway.

Other artists have been capitalizing on this virtual space, so sign up for their newsletter if you are interested in any of the other upcoming NFT drops. Flume recently released his own NFT series, “Saccade” with Jonathan Zawada, available on Foundation, another NFT platform. For access to and information about Flume’s next drop, click on the tweet below!

Also, check out this article for a more in-depth look at NFTs and crypto art. ThisSongIsSick dives into the intricate world where art, music, interactivity, and technology intersect. Their definitions and explanations are quite helpful for anyone new to the topic. I know I’m no tech genius.

And if you’re on the fence about purchasing access to ODESZA’s new collection…

A portion of the “REMNANTS” proceeds will be donated to Carbon180! So, in other words, exploring ODESZA and Japanese Dad’s new project will also support Carbon180’s mission to reduce carbon emissions. It’s wonderful to see artists continue to stand up for meaningful causes, while also producing new and innovative content. Let’s offset pollution and support our favorite artists!

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