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ODESZA to Release “REMNANTS” a Crypto-Art NFT Collection in Collaboration With Japanese Dad

by Mallory Dwortz
ODESZA is jumping on the NFT train, joining other artists in their pursuit of the digital art space. The collection is meant to represent the past imprinting on the future– a mixture of old and new– imparting ODESZA and Japanese Dad’s unique essence as artists. Together, they wish to dust away the soil surrounding past […]

Twelve Days of GRiZMAS!

by Mallory Dwortz
Grant Kwiecinski isn’t letting 2020 put a damper on his annual Twelve Days of GRiZMAS. GRiZ, the Michigan-born electronic music producer and DJ, never fails to brighten our December with love, music, and holiday cheer– and this year is no different. Each year, he hosts a Twelve Days of GRiZMAS tradition of concerts, meditation, and […]

Bassnectar Draws Focus Away From Album Release to Use His Platform for Social Justice

by Mallory Dwortz
Police brutality and racism in America have once again been catapulted to the foreground as cities are torn to pieces over the murder of George Floyd. Musicians are jumping in, using their large followings to show support and direct our attention to the deep, systemic issues rooted in our society’s foundation. Over the last few […]