Twelve Days of GRiZMAS!

Grant Kwiecinski isn’t letting 2020 put a damper on his annual Twelve Days of GRiZMAS.

GRiZ, the Michigan-born electronic music producer and DJ, never fails to brighten our December with love, music, and holiday cheer– and this year is no different. Each year, he hosts a Twelve Days of GRiZMAS tradition of concerts, meditation, and community engagement to bring his fans together in the celebratory spirit of music and the holiday season. Of course, this year’s events have been tweaked in order to accommodate virtual events and COVID-19 guidelines– instead of Detroit venues filled with bustling concert-goers, we have livestreams and virtual auctions.

There has been virtual baking with mama GRiZ (beware, the cookies look irresistible), a Global Mic Night on Twitch, Yoga sessions, and the opening of an online auction that features an array of tempting prizes (like GRiZ drawing your next tattoo!!).

Involvement among the electronic music community– between fans and artists alike– has been a heartwarming representation of our starvation for music and connection. Several performances for charity, through Seven Mile Music, raised $24,000 for kids’ music education, prompting a sincere “thank you” from GRiZ on Twitter.

“I am SO greatful for Adam Deitch, Eric Bloom, Borahm Lee, Chrishira Perrier, Kevin Donahue & Josh Fairman for playing so passionately and donating their time to the evening 💜✨ I want to thank the crew fr making it happen nd providing a covid safe environment for us to perform”

And it’s not over yet!

The best may be yet to come, with an intense lineup of incredible artists to perform in a virtual festival on the 23rd in a Digital GRiZMAS Festival. “Cooking up something nice for GRiZMAS next week.” Tweeted ZEDS DEAD in preparation for this final GRiZMAS event.

Tune in on December 23rd for an unforgettable night of virtual music– the ultimate end to a bonkers year. Thank you 2020. Thank you GRiZ. Check out the lineup below!

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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