Zedd’s New Breakup Tune “Happy Now” Is Gold.

DJ/Producer Zedd has teamed up with up-and-coming vocalist, Elley Duhé on new track “Happy Now.”


The song is everything a summer pop song should be. It’s energetic, positive, and fun. At the start, a clean and crisp electric guitar plays a winding chord progression. The tone is light and uncomplicated like the song itself.  

Duhé’s voice shines through, “You’re a world away / Somewhere in the crowd / In a foreign place / Are you happy now?” After repeating this troublesome question, the beat comes in, elevating this track to summer anthem status.

Instead of relying on an instrumental beat that completely cuts away from Duhé’s enchanting voice, “Happy Now” overlays the Alabama singer’s lyrics in and around the song’s hypnotic notes and dance-worthy beat.

Fans of Zedd and Duhé have been exclaiming their support for the duo on Twitter: 




Producer/DJ Zedd

“Happy Now” comes just after Zedd’s previous hit, “The Middle” featuring singer, Maren Morris and electronic duo Grey. That song, released in January, spent 23 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, and peaked at Number Five.

Elley Duhé (25) starts singing and playing her first guitar in coffee shops at age 15. In 2012, Duhé makes it onto NBC’s talent show, The Voice, but gets eliminated during the blind audition portion.

Four years later, Duhe releases ”Millennium,” and “Immortal,” two synth-pop hits that showcase her superior vocal chops. “Millennium” streamed 1.4 million times on Spotify.

With a nimble voice, Duhé is equally comfortable singing happy songs, as she is with heavier, brooding tracks. Even though the judges on The Voice couldn’t see it, Duhé has what it takes to bring something special to your latest summer playlist.  


Listen to the latest from Zedd and Elley Duhé below. 

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