What’s With The “Free Uzi” Uproar?

Finally, we can get our fixes on a new Uzi track!!

In January, rapper Lil Uzi Vert approached the public with unexpected news of early retirement. Using social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter, he announced that he would no longer be making music.

Yet, here we are, with not only a fresh track, but a YouTube video for the new song as well.

However, considering the song’s title, “Free Uzi,” it’s uncertain if he’s really back, or if this is just the beginning of a new drought.

So what’s with the title, and why are we inclined to protest “Free Uzi?”

According to recent updates on Lil Uzi Vert’s socials, it’s apparent that his current record label, Generation Now, is rejecting him from releasing any new music. Heads of the Atlantic Records label, DJ Drama and Don Cannon,are the conflicting source of this cold war. And, according to Uzi, the ones holding him and his new album, “Eternal Atake” hostage.

However, with defiance, Uzi swifty released this new punctual song without any contribution from his label, as a means to publicly address his current dispute.

The 3-minute track includes bars that could potentially be directed towards the co-founders of Uzi’s label. Uzi spits,

“I can’t trust none of these niggas, might turn on me/I’m still a millionaire, this shit not hurtin’ me.”

To compliment the lyrics, Uzi used beats from G Herbo’s “Gangway,” which moreover caused friction within the music industry. News surfaced that the song was seized from streaming services like Tidal and Apple Music, due to copyright issues. TMZ claims that one of their music sources said the track wasn’t an original production, invalidating Uzi’s ability to make money off of it. However, producer of the blend, DJ L, commented on the news in an Instagram post saying that Lil Uzi can do whatever he pleases with the beat.

As for now, Uzi has made it clear that retirement and “waking up in 2013” are no longer apart of his current scheme. He’s made it evident that he has aligned himself with Roc Nation– a full-service entertainment company founded by Jay-Z. Roc Nation has a reputation of being able to help artists in situations similar to Uzi’s. In the meantime, we can only hope that they can officially “free Uzi,” and in turn free us of our Uzi deprivation.

Show some support for your favorite 2016 bangers and post “FREE UZI” on your Instagram story. And while you’re at it, check out the “Free Uzi” music video on YouTube:


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