“Planet Her” Is Out of This Realm

Planet Her is named after the fictional planet envisioned by Doja Cat, on which all species and races of outer space co-exist in harmony.

Doja Cat’s anticipated third album, Planet Her, is a multitude of layers with each song having its own theme of divine femininity, lust, and empowerment. The extraterrestrial album consists of 19 songs which highlight both Doja’s vocals along with her rapping talent.

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Planet Her is a kaleidoscope of mostly pop, rap, and R&B hits frolicking amongst one another. It may not always be the most cohesive route, but Doja maneuvered a way to still make the overall result enjoyable.

Some Highlights

Doja opens the album with “Woman,” an Afrobeats track that expresses her divine femininity while also exploring the unrealistic expectations put on women due to patriarchy. It is followed by “Naked,” a reggaeton-inspired track about her lustful desires (another big theme of the album). Although a majority of the album is explicit, Doja Cat’s language is never outright filthy. She borders that line and is instead playfully flirty and witty. “Need To Know,” arguably one of the best tracks on the album that carries a similar tone to “Naked” as Doja describes her sexual curiosity over the airy, spacey beat. “Ain’t Shit” was an anticipated single after being teased a few times on Instagram Live, and it fully lived up to the expectation. It was a hard-hitting diss track about infidelity, a need for loyalty, and the importance of listening to your friend’s warnings about a relationship that is a lost cause.


There was an unpredictable range on Planet Her, but it was nice to see the truer depths of Doja’s vocal ability and versatility as she switched from an airy sweetness to cutting raps. Doja delivered a sensual, playful, and witty album.

Recommended Tracks:

“Women,” “Ain’t Shit,” “Kiss Me More,” “Need to Know,” “Tonight,” and “I Don’t Do Drugs.”

Planet Her Videos:

Stream Planet Her (Deluxe) here:


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