Buddy and Kent Jamz Bring the Cozy Vibes to Their Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The Dynamic Duo that is Buddy and Kent Jamz recently have joined the Tiny Desk at Home concert series, performing a couple of tracks off their latest collaborative project, “Janktape Vol. 1.” “Janktape Vol. 1” dropped on April 17th and is the first time these two have joined forces – which makes their undoubtable chemistry even that more shocking and undeniable. 

The two complimented each other perfectly on “Janktape Vol. 1” by infusing both of their love for switching flawlessly and intuitively between singing and rapping. Buddy and Kent Jamz keep you on their toes throughout the tape with fans being unable to determine who is going to be carrying the melodic vocals and who will be delivering the bars throughout the tracklist. Their tiny desk series mirrors the unwavering trust they have in one another, so much so that their entire performance feels completely organic and impromptu. 

Both artists have an incredibly eclectic and wide range in terms of the sounds they typically embody and are drawn too. Sonically, Buddy and Kent Jamz migrate towards old school soul and funk influences which is at the forefront of tracks like “Terrified, “For The Ladies,” and “Pass By Me.” These are the type of tracks that almost act as love ballads off the tape with Buddy and Kent both ruminating on past partners who overlooked them before they became famous. They evoke those nostalgic, early 2000s R&B songs while also still maintaining a sense of modernity.

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On some tracks where their soul-inspired sound is at the forefront, the instrumentation is overloaded with upbeat funky bass lines and vintage synthesizers.

The modern sonic translation that is populating rap now can still be discovered on this tape as well with Buddy and Kent Jamez’s calculated attention to their flow and delivery of the bars. On tracks like “Burberry Party” and “Bad Boys,” the heavy eight-0-eights and playful cadence of their raps steal the limelight. 

“Janktape Vol. 1” has an incredibly warm, cozy, and carefree energy to it. Buddy and Kent Jamz undoubtedly brought that same essence to their Tiny Desk at Home concert. Tiny Desk is known for the level of intimacy that they prioritize with their series – and what’s more intimate than getting a peek into an artist’s space? We now get to see artists in a totally new perspective, not on a stage, minus the bright lights and gimmicks. 

Buddy and Kent Jamz instead are kicking it on the couch, taking turns with the mic with red solo cups waiting at their feet. Their bass player wears a mask and is jamming out alongside them, while the backdrop has their favorite cartoon, Bebe’s Kids, projected and illuminated on a wall behind them. The whole room is drenched in the color pink and adds to the already effortlessly casual and comforting vibe to the concert that the mixtape encompasses as well. 

Buddy and Kent Jamz decided to perform tracks “She Think,” “For The Ladies,” “Inconsistent,” and “Terrified” for their Tiny Desk concert. There is something about watching two artists shine and thrive in such a stripped down setting that makes this concert so infectious. They make collaboration look like the most natural thing in the world. Their hunch as to when to come in, and when to take a step back allowing for the other to have their own moment is impeccable. 

The title to their tape, “Janktape Vol. 1” does somewhat imply and tease that there may hopefully be another re-incarnation of this dynamic duo in a future tape down the line. However, the way in which these two artists deliver the cozy and immensely comforting vibes to their performance and music is very much needed now more than ever during these uncertain, fearful times. We as fans need to see artists and people in general truly showcasing their genuine love for their craft and passions. Buddy and Kent Jamz are not only able to bring a calming quality to their music but, their performance also feels incredibly down to earth and authentic. 

When Quarantine does start to lift, I love the idea of the Tiny Desk at Home Concert Series continuing and expanding. I think we need to sometimes see artists in a more raw, vulnerable, studio type of vibes environment. 

Buddy and Kent Jamz were able to come together to merge and share their love of soul and trap music. In a way, they are setting the tone for music to return back to the basics – just two friends kicking it and playing for the fun of it. I can’t wait to see what these two will get up to in the future with this type of pure, genuine love for their craft radiating off of them!

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