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KeiyaA Celebrates and Honors Black History Month With Her Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

by Maddy Ipema
NPR has decided to celebrate and acknowledge black history month by hosting four black artists who all bring various different sounds, messages, and genres to the stage.  KeiyaA’s background is dressed in navy blue hues and burgundy red paint strokes splattered across the walls – while behind her guitarist, oak and wood sits as grounded […]

Jhene Aiko’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert Chronicles Ascension

by Maddy Ipema
A lotus flower often symbolizes purity, spiritual enlightenment, and re-birth. This is how Jhene Aiko dives into her Tiny Desk – like a mermaid, dressed in an aquamarine silk dress, her various singing bowls laid out and ready as she waves her magic wand above them.  The first sound we hear as the concert begins, […]

Some of the Most Highly-Anticipated Tiny Desk Concerts Have Finally Arrived

by Marissa Bachrach
Despite being about five/six months into quarantine, NPR has been steadily releasing new additions of the Tiny Desk series like it’s nobody’s business. Recently, a couple of artists came to Tiny Desk who I was thrilled to see on my YouTube screen. Although these three Tiny Desk performances were done from the artists’ homes/studios, that […]

Buddy and Kent Jamz Bring the Cozy Vibes to Their Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

by Maddy Ipema
The Dynamic Duo that is Buddy and Kent Jamz recently have joined the Tiny Desk at Home concert series, performing a couple of tracks off their latest collaborative project, “Janktape Vol. 1.” “Janktape Vol. 1” dropped on April 17th and is the first time these two have joined forces – which makes their undoubtable chemistry […]