Some of the Most Highly-Anticipated Tiny Desk Concerts Have Finally Arrived

Despite being about five/six months into quarantine, NPR has been steadily releasing new additions of the Tiny Desk series like it’s nobody’s business. Recently, a couple of artists came to Tiny Desk who I was thrilled to see on my YouTube screen. Although these three Tiny Desk performances were done from the artists’ homes/studios, that doesn’t change how great the performances are.

1. Tame Impala

After my pit tickets for Tame Impala at United Center were deemed useless until the concert is postponed, (date still TBA) so I was ecstatic to see that Kevin Parker, joined by live bandmates, finally made his Tame Impala Tiny Desk debut. They performed three songs off of the newest album, The Slow Rush, in a semi-stripped-down manner. The performance will absolutely not disappoint, whether you’re a seasoned Tame fan or new to Tame Impala altogether.

2. Billie Eilish

Alternative pop singer, Billie Eilish, joined by her brother/co-producer, Finneas, took to Tiny Desk in front of a cardboard cutout replica of the usual desk studio in NPR’s Washington D.C. offices. Eilish performed two of her most recent singles “my future” and “everything i wanted.” Whether you consider yourself a fan of Eilish or not, after watching this video you won’t be able to deny how talented her raw, live vocals are.

3. Melanie Faye

Although Melanie Faye may not be an artist you’re familiar with, I was super excited to see this Tiny Desk episode uploaded a couple of weeks ago. I am familiar with a couple of her songs thanks to my best friend, Spotify Discover Weekly. She is a singer-songwriter and her music style is really unique and her genre could be classified as R&B or alternative R&B. Thanks to this video, I also learned that Faye is a guitarist and an extremely talented one at that. If you’re an R&B fan or a guitar player, this Tiny Desk is sure not to disappoint, and Melanie Faye is a name that should definitely be on your music radar.

Marissa Bachrach

I am a recent grad from Indiana University Bloomington. My B.A. is in Journalism and with a specialization in strategic communications and public relations. I love music but my favorite genres are alternative, rap, and R&B.

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