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Mini Review: “After School EP” and “EP 9”

by Darlene
Melanie Martinez released another album, but this time taking a step outside of the “Cry Baby” universe and fully embracing herself to the forefront. “The EP is much more personal and steps outside of the Cry Baby character box for a moment, which I’ve yet to do. It can be scary to be vulnerable like […]

Mini-Reviews: “Under The Spell” and “Midnight Reverie”

by Darlene
With the spare time, I’ve found myself deviating from my usual. I tend to listen to the same artists consistently but, I’ve recently plunged myself into the “New Releases for You” category of Spotify for a change. This has not only exposed me to plenty of new artists but also has made the quarantine much […]

Hayley Williams Released Her First Solo EP

by Darlene
Towards the end of last year, Hayley Williams hinted that she would be releasing her own music on her social media. She said it would be releasing towards the start of 2020, and that time has officially come. The “Petals for Armor” EP is the first half of her album. Thus far, “Petals for Amor” […]

In Review: RKCB Ethereal EP, “In Contrast”

by Alyssa O'Brenski
A taste of west coast vibing beats rolled into the new releases this past Friday, when the California group RKCB released their newest EP titled In Contrast. Only grazing the surface of the music industry and only a few years deep into a repertoire, their unique instrumental velocity and surprising melodies intrigue a listen or […]

In Review: FRENSHIP EP “Truce” Starts September Off Strong

by Alyssa O'Brenski
The unavoidable end of summer does not mean the end of an island sunset electro-pop soundtrack when FRENSHIP has dropped their newest EP this past Friday. Truce is probably a release too catchy for its own good. This musical duo demonstrates a cohesion that lies in ethereal beats, seamless and rhythmic alongside dynamically intense vocals. […]