In Review: RKCB Ethereal EP, “In Contrast”

A taste of west coast vibing beats rolled into the new releases this past Friday, when the California group RKCB released their newest EP titled In Contrast. Only grazing the surface of the music industry and only a few years deep into a repertoire, their unique instrumental velocity and surprising melodies intrigue a listen or two.

In Contrast EP Cover (via Genius)
In Contrast EP Cover (via Genius)

An atmospheric indie vibe pours from every chord on the EP. This duo shows a clear knowledge of how to manipulate emotion through rhythmic structure, particularly evident in songs like “Disorder” and “Restless”. One of the most intriguing factors to the RKCB sound is a showcase of dynamic vocal range and ability. There’s a captivating quality to the vocals that dominate the foreground of their sound, making each song feel multi-dimensional. RKCB’s Los Angeles origin shines through in the sulkiness of their electronic vibe. At the risk of falling into a pattern of monotony, the real saving grace is the clear and concise lyricism. “Future Being” pulls at a fast-paced pleading, while “Elevated” is more mystical and drawn out. Wrapping up the short work is the deepest sounding track, “Enough”, which is intricately knit with soft verse, caressed by the corresponding pleasant electric vibes strung throughout the entirety of the EP. Perhaps it’s the emotional falsetto or the backing instrumentals that feel as delicate as human emotion, but something about In Contrast certainly asks you to feel something. The uneven strides of each individual song add up to create a sweet and pleasurable canter.  

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