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Source: summercampfestival.com
Source: summercampfestival.com

With festivals becoming bigger and better each year, how do you choose which ones to attend? Whether you are looking for the most stacked lineup, lifelong festival friends, or the best scenery, here are the reasons why you should be spending your Memorial Day weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival.

The Camping

Camping is definitely the best aspect of the festival. Sure, having to drag your stuff into the campground before you can set-up is a workout, but it’s worth it. All weekend you will get to camp near a stage. This guarantees that’ll you hear something new and interesting that you like. You also won’t have to worry about waiting in a long line every time you want to see music, which sometimes means you miss an artist you wanted to catch. Not having to walk so far is also an advantage in that if you want to relax at your tent you’re able to do it and still hear the bands at the same time. You won’t get the full visual effect, however, so go see some artists too!

The Line-up

Summer Camp never fails to have the perfect mixture of music. If you’re someone who likes a lot of variety then this festival is for you. With headliners Moe and Umphrey’s McGee, there’s a lot of Jam music to love. There is also a lot of great EDM, Bluegrass, Funk, Reggae, even Hip Hop. One of the reasons we all love festivals so much is getting to catch more than a few acts at a time, and this fest really knows how to put together a stacked lineup that will keep fans returning year after year.

The Close Proximity to Home

Traveling to new festivals can be fun and exciting. It can also cost you a lot of money. Scamp is under 3 hours from Chicago, so you’ll save all the cash you’d be spending on a flight, gas, or not to mention all of the other expenses that accompany the weekend off. It is also nice not to have to drive for hours on end after enjoying yourself all weekend!

The Vibes

The people that attend Scamp are some of the best festies you’ll meet all year. This fest is well known yet somehow manages to not be overwhelmed with concertgoers who aren’t genuine. Everyone seems to really like the fact that they don’t need a huge attendance or gaudy gimmicks.

They’ve Been Putting On This Fest For 15 Years

It’s safe to say, Summer Camp knows what they’re doing. Summer Camp has to be one of the best put together festivals around. They know how to keep everyone safe and having an amazing time. Music runs from 11am-4am everyday. There are plenty of bathrooms and water stations. The stages aren’t so far away from each other that you have to choose between one act or the other, yet far enough away that you won’t be hearing headbanging dubstep while trying to listen to your favorite band. Security knows how to do their job without being overzealous. There are very little complaints because everything is thought out and organized. Scamp does it right!

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