In Review: FRENSHIP EP “Truce” Starts September Off Strong

The unavoidable end of summer does not mean the end of an island sunset electro-pop soundtrack when FRENSHIP has dropped their newest EP this past Friday. Truce is probably a release too catchy for its own good. This musical duo demonstrates a cohesion that lies in ethereal beats, seamless and rhythmic alongside dynamically intense vocals.

Truce EP Cover (via Instagram)
Truce EP Cover (via Instagram)

Opening with the explicitly intriguing “Carpet”, FRENSHIP set up the overall tone for the EP. It pools into the popular single featuring Emily Warren, titled “Capsize”. They act so fluidly that they run the risk of being indistinguishable. However negatively that may be perceived it is quite the opposite. Neither reigns better than the other, but both serve as amped up and improved relatives of the sounds found on Bastille’s album Bad Blood.

“Run Wild” definitely breaks out as the first distinct mood change, a definite deeper and embedded soul seeping through FRENSHIP’s established fetching strength. Sultry as the drums in the following song, “1000 Nights”, are the vocals. A compelling yet emotion-ridden voice in this smooth track brings an opposing vibe to its precedent.

Truce wraps up with the only acoustic song, called “Kids”. It hardly feels mellowed down from the rest of the bunch, instead letting the echo of acoustic beats add dimension to the song. The hollows of the drums against the acoustic guitar strings and the repetitive “we will never grow up” lyric mingle just the right mix of audible emptiness and interpretive fullness.

Far and few between are those edgy addictive EP’s, in which every song plays as a contender for the title of the strongest part of the piece. The hooking rhythmic lovability and seamlessness of Truce and its contents are the powerful bones of this release. FRENSHIP have made their listeners a slave to the repeat button with this one.

Take a listen here:

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