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“Fuck it Dog, Life’s a Risk,” the acronym that embodies the FIDLAR of old and the new. The band is led by lead singer, Zac Carper, from Hawaii, along with his trials and tribulations in life as an addict. FIDLAR takes you on a journey of what it means to be a modern punk rocker. 



The group was initially deemed a party-punk band, mostly because of their early mosh and brawl infused shows, and the groups ability to perform under severe levels of intoxication.  

Credits: bestnewbands.com. Brandon Schwartzel

The band wanted to shake up LA’s ‘rock scene’ at the time and to release music that they liked and that appealed to them.

When the band came out screaming “wake, bake, skate” in their early performances, LA hipsters had no idea how to react after spending years in a lull driven Indie-rock haze.

A lot of people were offended and appalled, the cops were often at their shows and their loyal following continued to grow as the outcry of the cities youth took notice.



The band is rounded out by, Max and Elvis Kuehn on drums and guitar, alongside Max and Elvis is, Brandon Schwartzel, on bass.



Their first EP, released in 2012, was recorded with the notion of performing live in tact. The studio edition’s of the songs are loud, hardcore and fun to listen to. 

The most notable songs from this EP are, “Wake, Bake, Skate” and “Max Can’t Surf.” The band did manage to gain the sought after reputation of being a great live act and took off in popularity.

At this time, FIDLAR was performing at small house shows and festering a tight niche group following, what was left over of the true LA punks.



In their first self titled LP, FIDLAR comes out of the gate hot with, “Cheap beer.”  

Once again, FIDLAR delivered on the notion that they are a gang of hardcore dudes that like to party and have a natural ability to make and play great music.


From Rock NYC live and Record. Max, Elvis, Zac and Brandon

Carper notes in several interviews that these projects are made based off his and the rest of his mates current-life-surroundings.

These days Carper is sober, however, at the time of recording FIDLAR and DIYDUI, their early work, carper had been in the midst of a severe drug addiction.

Smoking, taking, and injecting the hardest drugs offered, the band noticed a problem but, continued to push it aside due to their natural ability to perform and rock.

“Cheap beer”, “5 to 9”, “No Waves”, and “Cocaine” all resonate as the age and routine of the band at the time and they are proud of the work they did and where it has taken them.



Their latest product is the sophomore album, Too

A lot of mixed reviews have came out about this album due to the fact that Carper is sober and perhaps not performing at the same level of craze that made the band so noteworthy in the beginning.

People also say that the band “sold out” to who they were and to the nation of punk, however, it seems a bit cruel to harp on somebody for changing their life and style with age.

The band admits that this album is their sober album. After lead singer Zac Carper’s girlfriend died of an OD on heroin, while pregnant, just before touring the FIDLAR LP, paired with an intervention and a personal message from recovered punk legend Billie Joe of Green Day, Carper cleaned up a wrote something new. 

From talkingcircles.com. Zac


FIDLAR again wrote their songs based on what was going on in their life at the time and continued to play heavily on drugs, the opposite side this time.

Opening up the album with, “40 oz. On Repeat” Carper talks about his insecurities and difficulties in life’s cards being dealt. Going into, “Punks” and “West Coast,” the band hits all three notes of their identity, punk, pop and something in-between.

The band is currently touring “Too,” while working on their third project.  They still carry the reputation of a great live band and produce songs that are new and fun to listen to.  






The band played Coachella and had the whole crowd whirling and twirling about as a sober Carper led the mosh with a proud smile on his face.

When you hear FIDLAR you notice a lot of noise and a catchy chorus that is fun and easy to sing along to. But, you find that when you listen to what is below the surface, most of the lines are neurotic, profound, and play on some of life’s most trivial problems.

With the third album being the make or break album for most bands, there is a lot of haste in the air as to what FIDLAR will produce.

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Check out FIDLAR, the band leading the new age of punk below: 


Also, stay tuned for the next edition of, Punk Is Dead for more bands of the likes.

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