Korn – “The Nothing” Review

“The Nothing” is a fitting name for the emotionally darker album. Korn’s, front man, Jonathan Davis recently discussed his own battles with the darkness in his life, from his views on the political state of the country to the recent loss of his wife to an overdose.

Again, “The Nothing” is an exploration of some darker toned emotions that Davis had to pull himself out of. Almost every song epitomizes his emotions towards his loss. He screams out his helplessness, and his vulnerability is evident to Korn’s fans.

The album begins with “The End Begins” which is accompanied by the sounds of crying and the question of “why?” A question we often ask ourselves when going through hard times, but it is also a possible insight of how Davis initially felt.

From there, things pick up with the second track, “Cold.” “Cold” demonstrates what Korn is known for with its quick vocals, cathartic lyrics, slapping rhythms, and hard-hitting guitar. The songs only get “catchier” as the album progresses. Recommended: “The Darkness is Revealing,” “Gravity of Discomfort,” and “H@rd3r.”

Despite this album being emotions in the raw, it is not an album of weakness nor is it a “sad” album. “The Nothing” is a fight for redemption and one of healing from the grief.

The Nothing” is a walkthrough of hardships but also a tale of Korn’s strength and ability to overcome the darkness of life. This album is another great entry to Korn’s discography.

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