Robbie Miller Releases “Bitterness”

In the rustic nature of the intro, I picture Robbie Miller in an empty space only furnished by a chair, a guitar, and feelings of bitterness spun into an anthem of heartbreak.    

“Trapped by my own fears
Bitterness is the taste that rests on my tongue”

The song’s conversational quality amplifies the grit of his voice and message. As the piano joins his harmony, you realize he is not alone. The perspective widens. Miller is no longer in an empty room, but one in the crowd of many trying to dredge their emotions of past regret. He unearths his power to fight bitterness by splintering open the barriers of today and climbing through to the other side.

The simplicity of the song is pinned against the complex emotions echoing through the crevice of each word. As the soft foot-tap of the intro inevitably builds to an eyes-closed, hand-clapping, hip-swaying anthem, Miller transforms the sadness of heartbreak into a hopeful song of moving forward.

“Now take a breath, steady the mind

Final steps align”

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Miller is no stranger to bearing his heart. The first single on his debut album, Show Your Skin, beckons the listener to do just that. “Bitterness” mirrors this message of opening up for love, despite the past to create a promising start to his album due to release in August.  

The Australian artist has managed to launch from bedroom recordings to absolute stardom with over two million streams while keeping that homegrown intimacy centerstage. Follow his journey, step into his heart, and get caught up in the grit of Robbie Miller.

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