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Robbie Miller Releases “Bitterness”

by Julia Colasanti
In the rustic nature of the intro, I picture Robbie Miller in an empty space only furnished by a chair, a guitar, and feelings of bitterness spun into an anthem of heartbreak.     The song’s conversational quality amplifies the grit of his voice and message. As the piano joins his harmony, you realize he is […]

Natalie Grace Alford Writes the Theme Song to Your Dreams

by Julia Colasanti
Chicago, IL sleeps under a never-ending blanket of clouds making even the native Chicagoans question if their notoriously gloomy winters have ever been this gloomy. But at a coffee shop tucked somewhere between Wicker Park and Bucktown, the clouds have given way to rays so bright the barista should hand out sunscreen with every cappuccino. […]

Bruno Furlan Credit: Unknown

That Bruno Furlan…So Hot, Right Now. [New Releases]

by Ashley Eyes
Releasing on Cuff, This Ain’t Bristol, Bunny Tiger and many more; DJ Bruno Furlan is a Tech House trailblazer. In just the past two weeks young Bruno Furlan, an adept Tech House producer and DJ has been laying down some seriously heavy artillery music. Bruno has unveiled an EDM EP three-peat, proving he is here […]