The ISU VibeTribe: A Powerful Movement

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ISU Vibe Tribe

Electronic music can bring together crowds of unfathomable sizes as we see all throughout the world. And with these crowds comes powerful movements. That’s exactly what the ISU Vibe Tribe is doing. This club at Illinois State University brings together people of all shapes, sizes, and genders under one main goal: to promote the true art behind Electronic music and all its’ components.

The Vibe Tribe is offering many great services to not only its members, but anyone willing to participate. One of the new things being offered this year is free Ableton classes, which will teach aspiring artists how to produce music using the program Ableton.

They also throw an event right on the Illinois State University campus called the “ISU Silent Disco“. Last year, this event was very successful and they are trying to do it again this year. However, this year they did not receive any funding from the school and are relying on the communities help to raise the funds necessary to throw the event. Watch last year’s recap video here:

Without any funding, the Vibe Tribe is asking for any monetary donations via their GoFundMe Campaign.

Movements in electronic music really hits home with me, and I hope it does the same for you also. Seeing people come together like this is truly amazing, because everyone shearing their knowledge can lead to amazing outcomes.

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