Lots of LEDs in a Cube

Closing out a music festival is no easy task. 

For Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name, Deadmau5, however, this comes naturally, especially when he brings his mega visual experience, the Cube.

Deadmau5 was one of the closing headliners for Spring Awakening Music Festival, which took place at Addams/Medill Park, on June 8 – 10, in Chicago, IL.

Along with bringing his Cube 2.1 and new music, Zimmerman also brought a witty comment for fellow headliner, Kaskade.

Before dropping an unreleased track, rumored to be titled “Monophobia”, which featured vocals from Rob Swire, he gave Kaskade a jab.

“He’s [in reference to Kaskade] on the mic, he’s like, ‘uh it’s so good to be here, I love you guys – I’m not wearing any shoes. Hey guys, it’s so good to be here, I love you guys, I’m not wearing any shoes’,” Zimmerman said.

The crowd loved both the comment and the unreleased track.

Zimmerman is known for weeding out his “fake fans during his sets. By the end of “I Remember”, the crowd had thinned out considerably.  According to a reply from Zimmerman on Twitter, this was part of his plan.

Deadmau5 responds to fan on Twitter.


The crowd loved the Cube 2.1 and all the visuals included.  During “Ghosts ’n’ Stuff”, the crowd was alive with a palpable energy and many people had their phones out to record the visuals.

In true Deadmau5 fashion, he closed with one of his most popular and longest songs, “Strobe”. For many fans, this song is such a memorable and moving track. The energy throughout reflected this, and it was a perfect was to end the three-day festival.

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