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What The SAMF?

by Katy Clark
The hardest part about having a stacked lineup is finding a way to divvy up the headliners, support, and set times evenly so that everyone will be happy… ..HA! Like that will ever happen. Remember y’all, you can never make everyone happy. Spring Awakening announced their single day lineup this morning, and I gotta say […]

Lots of LEDs in a Cube

by Erin Riedl
Closing out a music festival is no easy task.  For Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name, Deadmau5, however, this comes naturally, especially when he brings his mega visual experience, the Cube. Deadmau5 was one of the closing headliners for Spring Awakening Music Festival, which took place at Addams/Medill Park, on June 8 – […]

Spring Awakening 2016 Lineup and Location Announced!

by Karol Luczkiewicz
After a generous amount of patience from the midwest EDM fanbase, React Presents has finally revealed its long awaited lineup and new location — Addams/Medill Park — for it’s fifth installation of Chicago’s biggest EDM event of the year: Spring Awakening Music Festival. The well-respected promotion company experienced quite a bit of backlash three weeks […]

RR Weekend playlist 6/12-13-14/2015

by Felipe Villa
Can’t sleep? Here are a few songs picked by the RR team from our weekend playlist to get you through those deep thoughts of yours, keep updated for some more. *Diplo- Sarah Album- Florida “This song is really good with acoustic noises and an old school hip hop flow from the first album Diplo released […]

5 Sets We Don’t Want You To Miss at SAMF 2015

by cvonholdt
With such a crazy amount of talent on the SAMF lineup this year, it must be driving you insane trying to make up your mind on who to see! I’m here to tell you to chill out, and make your life a little easier by letting you in on the 5 sets you must see […]

10 Must-Haves for Conquering Spring Awakening

by Alexis Landis
Spring Awakening is right around the corner and while you’re anxiously counting down the days, planning outfits, and checking the schedules, there are a few essential items that are frequently forgotten. To ensure you make the most out of your festival time, here are Spring Awakening 2015’s 10 Must-Haves. Probably the most important thing on […]